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Money Management Student Resources

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Prospective Students

Whether you're an incoming freshman or a transfer student, your time at the University of North Texas will be one of the most exciting and challenging periods of your life.

UNT has many resources and services to help you be successful as both a student and a member of the UNT community.

Among these services, the SMMC stands out as one of the best.

Some students have trouble adjusting to college life and handling all of the responsibilities that come with managing money. The SMMC is here to help and guide you to become more financially responsible and independent.

Living in Denton


Current Students

After you've been in college for a year or two, you start to understand how everything works.

You start to know the short cuts to classes, how to interact with professors, and the best spots to hang out around town. However, some things you may learn the hard way, such as running out of money at the end of the month or forgetting to make a credit card payment.

The SMMC is here to help.

With the support of SMMC team members you can learn how to manage your personal finances and financial obligations as an informed and responsible adult.

Graduate School

Student Loans

Filing Taxes