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Eagle Internship Program

The Eagle Internship Program is a high impact program designed to contribute to the student learning experience. By collaborating with on-campus departments, the Career Center’s Eagle Internship Program will enrich the lives of our students and help promote student engagement on UNT’s campus. Eagle Internships are paid, hourly, on-campus positions that provide an opportunity for undergraduate and graduate students to expand their knowledge and gain hands-on experience. These internships also allow students to work alongside University faculty and staff.


Requirements for Student Intern Participants:

Initial Requirements

  • Enrolled full-time and in good standing with the university 
  • Have at least a 2.2 cumulative GPA for undergraduate students and a 3.0 cumulative GPA for graduate-level students 
  • Requirement waived for first year/transfer students 
  • Apply for Eagle Internship Program on Eagle Careers 
  • individual department internship posting deadlines may vary

Program Requirements

  • Complete all Student Employee hiring/policy requirements, including Student Employee Orientation within first 30 days
  • Complete “Eagle Internship Training” within first month of internship 
  • Complete e-portfolio project and complete reflections as part of Career Connect 
  • Take the Eagle Internship Assessment at the end of the semester

Professional Development Requirements (during internship):

  • Meet with a Career Center Career Development Specialist (resume review, personal assessment, career coaching) during first semester of Eagle Internship 
  • Participate in a mock interview session with Career Center 
  • Attend one Career Center Career Fair event 
  • Participate in one additional Career Center program/service (Student’s Choice) 
  • This may include Workshops, Networking Events, Interview sessions, or Expos 

UNT Departments

Requirements for Hosting UNT Office:

  • Students and offices are committing to a paid, 10-week program at minimum, i.e. full semester; with options to extend internship assignment for a second semester term 
  • Interns must be paid 
  • Wages CAN BE work-study 
  • Work assignments should be aligned with the intern’s learning outcomes and career goals 
  • Encourage interns to take part in meetings and real-world job experiences 
  • Complete Career Connect Evaluation (end of semester) 
  • Attend the Career Connect Evaluation training
  • Complete survey (end of semester) about the Eagle Internship Program process
  • Not required but encouraged: Complete a mid-term and final employee evaluation, and keep in student’s file 

For more information about the Eagle Internship Program, please call the Career Center Student Employment Office at 940-565-2105 or email us at 

Eagle Internship Program