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Design Works

Design Works employs a student staff of designers. Designers are available for brochures, logos, flyers, scans, and basic setups. For pricing, please contact the Design Works Office. Designers meet with customers throughout the design process to ensure customer satisfaction.

Pricing for UNT Departments, Students, and the General Public can be found here.

Large Format Printing

Our printers are HP Design Jets - 600dpi capability. We print with UV ink. Design Works has several different options for large format printing.

Paper Options and Maximum Sizes

  • Regular paper - Heavy weight paper (35lb weight) up to 120 inches x 59 inches
  • Semi Gloss Paper - Heavy weight paper with a satin finish up to 120 inches x 49 inches
  • Glossy Paper - Heavy weight paper with a high gloss up to 120 inches x 48 inches
  • Outdoor Material – up to 41 inches vinyl scrim, waterproof, tear resistant, fade resistant,

*Samples of each paper are available at the Design Works office.

Large format printing is charged by the square inch.

Setting up the print job yourself?

Design Works is not responsible for spelling errors or color matching from outside files. A one inch color test strip is recommended. Design Works can print from many different graphics and word processing programs - please call ahead to check on compatibility.

Remember files downloaded from the web, when enlarged, will become fuzzy or blurred. We do not recommend their use in large format printing.

Design Works's turnaround time depends on work load. Design Works requires at least one week (five working days) on large print orders or print order requiring setup. Please let us know when you need the job done when you are placing the order.

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Latex Balloons

We have 11" latex balloons in the primary (red, yellow, blue) and secondary (green, orange, purple) colors - also available in black, white, lime green and pastel colors (please call for pastel color availability). Latex balloons have a life span of 8-12 hours.

Mylar Balloons

We have mylar balloons containing various designs for special occasions (birthday, get well, congratulations, we'll miss you, good luck, we appreciate you, I love you, etc.). We also have mylar balloons in several solid colors (please call for availability). Mylar balloons have a life span of 2-4 days.

Specialty Balloons

We have a selection of specialty mylar balloons that have various designs and shapes.

Please come by Design Works office to see different balloon choices.

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Window Decal

Waterproof, adhesive but adjustable, up to 35 inches wide. Not recommended for long-term outdoor use.

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Banners, Posters and Signage

See also, Printing and Paper Options as well as Design Works policy on rush orders.


Banners are printed from our large format 600 dpi printers. The typical banner size is 8' x 3'. The price of one banner includes 3 grommets; additional grommets may be added for an extra charge.

To post banners inside or outside of the Union, please submit an Indoor Banner Form or Outdoor Banner Form.



Some standard poster sizes are 8.5"x11", 11"x17", 17"x23", 22"x28", and 24"x36". We can adjust to print any poster size*. Posters can be emailed to Design Works, brought in on a disk or flash drive, or can be designed by Design Works. Posters can be printed on each of our paper options and can also be mounted*.

* Size limits apply

Lawn Signs

Lawn signs are available from Design Works. The lawn sign will be 12"x18", double sided, laminated, and will include metal frame.

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Spraymounting and Laminating

See also, Printing and Paper Options

Manual Press Laminate

Design Works uses a heat press laminate that has the ability to laminate thicker signage. Laminating with the manual press can be single or double sided. Maximum size is 32"x40".

Roll Laminate

The roll laminating machine can laminate only double sided up to 3' wide. The roll laminate does have a tendency to crease or wrinkle larger items pieces, please order at your own risk.


We offer spraymounting, which is a process using an adhesive spray to bond the paper to either matboard, posterboard, or foamboard. Spraymounting is ideal for one time events. Over a long period of time, or if being used outdoors, spraymount will eventually begin to bubble due to the humidity. Maximum size is 40" x 60".

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See also, Printing and Paper Options

Drymount is a heat process using a permanent bonding tissue. Drymount can also be used with matboard, or foamboard. Maximum size is 32" x 40".

Boards For Mounting

  • Posterboard — Thin board in variety of colors. Maximum size is 22"x28".
  • Matboard — Thicker, stronger board in variety of colors. Maximum size is 32"x40".
  • Foamboard — Strong board with foam center - white only. Maximum size is 40"x60".

Samples of each board and colors are available in Design Works office.


Design Works sends and receives public faxes for the Union. There are different prices for faxes, depending upon if the fax is sent locally, toll free, long distance, out of the country, or if it is an incoming fax. For pricing, please call our office at (940)565-3829. Our fax machine is on 24 hours a day so incoming faxes may be sent at any time.

The Design Works fax number is (940)369-8772.

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