Eagle's Nest Funding


Eagle's Nest:

The purpose of Eagle’s Nest funding is to assist registered student organizations with their programing; which can be defined as events, services, or projects.

The Student Government Association exists to serve the students, and by that fact we exist to serve the organizations of the University of North Texas. Organizations help collect like-minded individuals for a common cause, which inherently improve life and study at UNT. SGA works to help connect students to these organizations and help organizations themselves receive funding for their efforts. UNT is still a growing community, and the Student Government Association wants to make sure the many groups at UNT are assisted, financially or otherwise, in enriching the student’s collegiate experience. All you have to do is attend an “SGA Resource” meeting, complete the online application, and attend an Eagle’s Nest Committee meeting to present your proposed program.


Apply for Eagle's Nest Funding 

Things to keep in mind

  • Make sure your organization is registered with Student Activities.

  • Turn in all information four weeks in advance.

  • Make sure a representative of your organization attends an “SGA Resource” meeting

  • Be sure to read ALL information in the Eagle's Nest Application found on OrgSync.

  • Additionally, check out the Eagle's Nest Bylaws.