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Division of Student Affairs

Paper Based Testing

Address and Hours of Operation

Chestnut Hall
1800 W. Chestnut St. Room 311
Denton, TX 76203

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Monday-Friday 8am – 5pm (call first)
(940) 565 — 2735

Parking at Chestnut Hall

All non UNT students must purchase a parking pass through the UNT Parking and Transportation office at the following web address, www.unt.edu/transit and then click on “Buy Permits.”  The cost of the day pass is $5 and must be printed off prior to arriving at the testing center or you may not be allowed to test.

To avoid being ticketed, UNT students must either purchase a parking permit (about $5/day) at the nearby Sullivant Safety Center, or park off campus. However, frequent testers should note that visitor permits will only be issued twice, with subsequent visits requiring examinees to either park off campus, at the metered parking, or purchase a parking permit at the Sullivant Safety Center, which opens at 7:30am.  *Off-campus parking for those arriving early can be found on Hickory Street and then walk over two streets to Chestnut Hall.

Center Policies

All testers must present a valid Texas driver's license or Texas State ID with photo,    All paper-based testing is by appointment only, and will require examinees to register through our testing center at (940) 565-2735 *We are currently not offering the GED at this time and hope to be up and running by the Spring semester.  To locate a testing center in your area please go to www.gedcomputer.com and complete the step-by-step directions on how to register for the new computer-based GED.  All payments and registration are now completed on-line.

During testing you will not be permitted to take any personal items into the testing facility. We will provide any pencils and paper you are allowed to use. All cell phones must be turned completely off and left outside of the testing room. It is the tester's responsibility to see what additional items (scantrons, calculators) are allowed on your exam.

Tests Provided


The Strong Interest Inventory is available by appointment only. Call Counseling and Testing Services at 940-565-2741 to make an appointment with a career counselor.


UNT Counseling & Testing Services NO LONGER administers the THEA or the Quick THEA. Please refer to the THEA homepage for further information http://www.thea.nesinc.com/.


ISAT (Institutional SAT) is offered here at the Counseling Center. To be eligible for the exam, you must have applied, been admitted or be enrolled at UNT. The cost of the test is $55 payable in check, money order, or cash. The deadline to apply is the Friday before the test. The ISAT can only be taken once.

Scores for your ISAT are obtained through the Office of Admissions located in the Eagle Student Services Center (ESSC). You can reach admissions by calling 940-565-2681.

Report time for all dates is 8:45am and if you arrive once testing has began, you will not be allowed to test. Testing space is limited to 10 students per session. Pre-registration is recommended by submitting your application, along with the $55 registration fee on or before the testing day. There is no pre-registration available over the phone or via the internet at this time.

ISAT Testing Schedule

ISAT Dates Schedule Times Admission for Semesters Beginning: Scores Received in Admissions By:
Mon. Feb. 17, 2014 8:45a.m.
Mon., Apr. 14, 2014 8:45a.m.
Mon., April 21, 2014 8:45a.m.
Mon., April 28, 2014 8:45a.m.
Tues., May 19, 2014 8:45a.m.
Mon., June 16, 2014 8:45a.m.
Mon., June 23, 2014 8:45a.m.
Mon., July 28, 2014 8:45a.m.
Mon., August 4, 2014 8:45a.m.
Mon., August 11, 2014 8:45a.m.
Mon., October 27, 2014 8:45a.m.
Mon., November 3, 2014 8:45a.m.
Mon., November 24, 2014 8:45a.m.
Fri., January 2, 2015 8:45a.m.
Mon., January 5, 2015 8:45a.m.

*Late (after the published admission application deadline) for the semester indicated.
**Late and last chance for the semester or session indicated.
*** Last chance for the semester or session indicated.


ACT (American College Testing): Code for UNT is 041360, Pre-registration with ACT; Walk-in possible. For more information visit the ACT website. You can register on the ACT website at http://www.act.org/.


SAT (College Admissions Test): Code for UNT is 44328. Pre-registration and walk-ins are possible. For more information visit the official SAT website at http://sat.collegeboard.org/home/.


GRE (Graduate Admission Exam): Code for UNT is 18513. UNT offers the GRE Subject test twice throughout the year. Pre-registration is done at the GRE official website (http://www.ets.org/gre/subject/register/), Walk-ins are possible for an additional fee. For more information visit the GRE website, and make sure to search for the SUBJECT GRE, as the GENERAL GRE is a totally different test with its own unique rules.

Distance Learning

Taking a paper based test from another university.

UNT administers paper based exams for other universities and charges $20 (payable the day of the test in cash or money order) per test, for which the students will receive a receipt in the event that they require reimbursement from their learning institution. All testers are also required to bring a valid state ID or passport, but paper and pencils will be provided. However, no scantrons are provided for should you institution require on, you are responsible for all other materials, including a calculator, etc. Distance learning exams are administered Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, excluding holidays. All tests are by appointment only.

Please call at least two weeks in advance to allow for mailing time of your desired test date in order to schedule a day and time to come in. We cannot guarantee our center will be able to administer an exam without an appointment made at least a full week in advance. All paper-pencil testing has been moved to our computer-based office located in the Gateway Building, Room 140. If any part of your test requires the use of a computer you must contact the computer based office at (940) 369-7617.

All paper exams should be mailed to the following address and contact information:

Kim Born, Coordinator of Testing,
1155 Union Circle #310968,
Denton, TX 76203.

My contact phone number is 940-565-2735 and my fax is 940-565-2094 and my email is kimberlin.born@unt.edu. The available testing times for proctored exam are between 8am-1:30pm by appointment only. Once you have made your appointment, please contact us during normal working days a few days prior to your scheduled test in order to confirm we have received your exam. (We do not call to let you know your exam has arrived.)

Frequently Asked Questions

Retrieving Old Scores - We cannot retrieve any scores for tests that have been given at our center in the past. Testers wishing to receive additional copies of their scores/certificates must contact the appropriate testing company through the tests official phone hotline or website.

ADA Disability Accommodations - If you are a UNT student and want to take a test with special accommodations, please contact the Office of Disability Accommodations for assistance registered for your test. (This registration process may take a month or more, so contact the ODA well in advance of your desired test date) If you are not a UNT student and wish to request special accommodations, call us at 940-565-2735 at least one month prior to your desired test date for information regarding your test. You must have the appropriate, updated paper work in order to request special accommodations.

Rescheduling - Most of our exams require appointments. If you are not able to make your appointment, please call and we will try to get you in at the next available appointment.

Unscheduled Closures - Although it is very rare, our testing center has been known to close unexpectedly due to unforeseen events such as inclement weather. Concerning inclement weather (e.g. icy roads) check the main UNT homepage or call UNT’s main number at 940-565-2000. If the UNT home page or phone number states that the UNT campus is closed on a day when you have scheduled a test, there is a good chance that our center is not open. If we are closed, please rest assured that you will be able to retest. If you suspect we are closed, call our center at 940-565-2735 during normal business hours before assuming we are shut down.