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Centrally located on Welch Street, the Greek Life Center serves as a dedicated location for UNT’s Greek community, allowing organizations to host Greek programs and events for both students and alumni. In addition to housing our Greek Life staff, the Greek Life Center will provide office space, meeting space, Chapter rooms, and storage areas for MCG, IFC, Panhellenic and NPHC. The addition of the Greek Life Center offers the opportunity to celebrate the university’s commitment to Greek Life.

Project Imperatives

Create a centralized location for Greek and non-Greek students, faculty, staff, and alumni to meet, interact, and host activities while generating lasting relationships

Of the current 39 fraternities and sororities, only 16 have a chapter facility (house or lodge). As our Greek community continues to grow and expand, the number of organizations without a centralized meeting, ritual, and “home” space will continue to grow. It is important to those organizations, and our community that Greek organizations have a common location to gather and connect.

Offer an intimate, meaningful and memorable space for hosting ritual activities and special events

For ritual events, it is difficult for Greek organizations to obtain a functional space that accommodates their requirements for chapter ritual. Over time, having a common and consistent location for ritual events will give students a memorable experience and connection they would not otherwise have. Additionally, the consistent location will allow each organization’s leadership to create a long-standing tradition for students, members, and guests to visit each year during Homecoming, Parent’s Weekend and other important dates.

Creates a viable and permanent location for Greeks, non-Greek students, faculty, staff, and alumni to generate lasting relationships

As our Greek community continues to move forward, and as the number of Greek students and organizations continue to increase, it is essential that the students at UNT see the importance and viability of Greek Life at UNT. By having a visible, free-standing Greek Life Center students, faculty, staff, and alumni will have a physical location to visit, congregate, and admire. The ability to have a multi-purpose facility centrally located on campus will allow the Office of Greek Life the opportunity to interact more heavily with advisors and alumni, host Student & Academic Affairs events, classes, and much more.

Furthermore, as the Office of Greek Life continues to expand the involvement and communication with UNT Greek Alumni, the Greek Life Center will serve as a prime facility to host alumni events, meetings, and reunions. This is a very exciting opportunity for the Office of Greek Life, Alumni Association, as well as the University of North Texas to have the ability to further engage alumni and re-connect them with our institution.

Easier accessibility to chapter housing for Greek Life staff and students

By having a centrally located Greek Life Center, the Office of Greek Life staff will be in closer proximity to the current fraternity and sorority houses and can more closely oversee events such as fire drills and house manager meetings. Additionally, Greek students will have a more accessible and welcoming environment for them to interact with each other during the school day.

How to Give

Since 1952, the University of North Texas Greek community has been a viable and integral part of campus life. Your investment in the Greek Life Center will support the unique and lifelong involvement experience for UNT Greek students for generations to come.

Your gift will make the difference — 25% of every gift will be added to a scholarship supporting UNT Greek students.

For the future of students today and long into the future- we ask for your philanthropic support. Join us in building the Greek tradition at UNT.

To make your gift, contact Dean of Students, Maureen McGuinnes at or 940-565-2648.

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