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Division of Student Affairs

Fall 2018 Elections

Voting begins on Monday, October 22nd at 8 am and ends on Thursday, October 25th at 11 pm. 

Monday, October 15th @ 8 am – campaigning begins

 Monday, October 22nd at 8 am and ends on Thursday, October 25th at 11 pm.  – Voting via OrgSync

Article IV - Student Senate

Section 2: Composition of the Student Senate

A) The Student Senate shall consist of 45 Senators.

B) Student Senate seats shall be apportioned to each school, college, or academy and the Frisco campus of the University of North Texas according to the student population as

reported in the most recently published Viewbook by Data Analytics and Institutional Research and in accordance with the Student Government Association Bylaws.

C) Each school, college, or academy of the University shall be apportioned at least one Student Senate seat.

D) The Frisco campus shall be apportioned only one Student Senate seat

D) Non-voting delegations to the Student Senate with otherwise full procedural rights shall be accepted from the following organizations: Eagle’s Nest, the Residence Hall Association,

the Graduate Student Council, the Faculty Senate, the Staff Council Senate, the Freshmen SGA Interns, and the office of the University of North Texas President.


Have questions about the Election Code? Email the SGA Election Commissioner
Do you have an Election Code complaint to submit? Complete this form and send an email to the Election Commissioner
Peyton Paige Sennet: Peyton.sennet@unt.edu