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Salary Negotation

Learn about common negotiating tactics that can help you be in control of your proper worth. Discuss and explore web and print resources that maintain accurate descriptions of company pay and benefits. Avoid selling yourself short and learn to negotiate a fair and balanced salary and benefits package. This workshop is a collaboration between the SMMC and the Career Center.


Wedding on a Budget

Congrats on getting a ring by spring! Whether you’re planning a small intimate ceremony or a huge party, weddings are expensive. Did you know that the average wedding cost in the United States is $26,645. Learn how you can have the wedding or commitment ceremony of your dreams without having a future of debt. We’ll teach you different DIY’s to keep costs down, help you develop a budget, and much more!


Freelance Finance

Are you pursuing a career in the arts, journalism, or another field where variable income from variable sources is more common than the 9-5 grind? Do you know how to budget, track your business expenses and plan for retirement without the security of a single employer? Come to our Freelance Finance workshop to learn how to make it financially in a freelance world.  


Affording Your First Vehicle

Buying any vehicle – whether it’s a car, truck, or motorcycle – can be one of the most expensive and anxiety-filled purchases you will make in life. It’s important not to have buyer’s remorse. Learn how to successfully plan and research the purchase of a vehicle – whether new or used. Topics include: comparing needs and wants, budgeting, financing and credit, negotiating, insurance, and maintenance costs.

Lunch & Learn: Build Your Credit


Credit can be an essential part of one’s financial life, from credit cards to mortgages. Credit can help or hinder your financial goals. Join us for lunch to discover how best to manage your credit, what steps to take to build a strong credit history and score, and the role that credit can play in your financial life.  


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