Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

If accepted, what happens to my current financial aid and scholarships the semester I intern?

To ensure you are eligible for consideration of aid, you must be enrolled in a half-time course load (according to the UNT Registrar) during the semester you intern.
The criteria for scholarships vary from scholarship to scholarship. You should confirm the requirements of your scholarship to determine any restrictions. Scholarship criteria may be obtained from the department of your major, University Scholarship Office, or the external donor of your award. You can work with your academic advisor to determine what other courses (in addition to your internship hours) would work for your schedule.

What semesters are the internship available?

The NTDC internship program is available for the fall, spring, and summer I semesters. Fall and spring internships last the length of the semester (approximately 15-16 weeks). Summer I internships are shorter, with the internship lasting about 6 weeks and departing directly after the spring semester ends.

How many hours of course credit can I get while I am in DC?

Students may receive up to six hours credit for the fall or spring semester and up to three hours for the summer internship. Determination of credit hours is at the discretion of the student’s advisor.

Students should work with their academic department to determine the best class(es) in which to register. In most cases, departments have internship or special problems courses that will accommodate the needs of your NTDC internship. A university course, UCRS 4800/5800, was created for those areas that do not have one, or where the internship requirements for the department do not match with that of the NTDC internship.

Where do NTDC interns live?

Interns will live in housing that is chosen and paid for by the NTDC program administrators. NTDC generally uses WISH (Washington Intern Student Housing) to accommodate the interns.

Are travel costs covered by the NTDC program or are they the responsibility of the interns?

Travel costs are not covered by the NTDC program at the current time.

What is the application process?

The application process is made up of three steps: the written application, a group interview, and a panel interview. After applications are turned in, a select number will be chosen to continue onto the interview process. These applicants will go through a group interview that will last approximately one hour. If chosen to go through the next round, the applicants will then go through a 30-minute panel interview. After all interviews have been conducted, the panel will select the final group that will be offered the opportunity to participate in the NTDC program.

Is the cost of food included in the cost of housing paid for by the program?

No, it is not. Although it is not enough to cover all costs, you will receive $325 stipend in the summer or $750 stipend in the spring and fall semester which is intended to assist with expenses such as food and transportation.