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The University of North Texas Student Government Association, much like our country's branches of government, is composed of three main branches: the Executive Branch, the Legislative Branch, and the Judicial Branch. Together these three branches work to represent the student body here at the University of North Texas.

The Executive Branch is comprised of eight (8) executive board members: Student Body President, Student Body Vice President, Chief of Staff, Director of Student Affairs, Director of Leadership and Development, Director of Campus Outreach, Director of Public Relations and Director of Administration and Policy. The executive powers of the Association are vested in this branch. 

The Intern Program is one of the best leadership experiences available to first-year students at UNT. In this program, 28 diverse student leaders go through intensive leadership training, learn how to put on large-scale events on campus, and build strong relationships with one another, in preparation to become part of the next generation of student leaders on UNT's campus. Working extremely close with the Executive Branch and Student Senate, they aide in the development of special projects and legislation to improve UNT's campus. 

The Student Senate is a body of forty five (45) made up of representatives from each of the colleges. The seats are proportional to the student population of that particular college. The Student Senate is the legislative body of the Association.

Senate Code of Conduct

To speak to one of your representatives come into the SGA office during one of the senator's office hours.

The Judicial Branch is made up of our Supreme Court, and the Advocate General. This branch deals with hearing regarding the UNT SGA Governing Documents. Additionally, branch handles code of conduct referrals made by members of UNT SGA against members of the House and Senate. 

These branches work hard to represent the diverse student population through important legislation, referendums, and forums. We strive to get students involved and informed in UNT events and organizations.