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The Eagle's Nest Fund


The purpose of Eagle’s Nest funding is to assist registered student organizations with their programing; which can be defined as events, services, or projects.
The Student Government Association exists to serve the students, and by that fact we exist to serve the organizations of the University of North Texas. Organizations help collect like-minded individuals for a common cause, which inherently improve life and study at UNT. Our purpose is to help fund any efforts made by student organizations in regards to event programing in order to help boost a healthy campus culture and promote involvement in different student organizations.

How to Apply

In order to receive any funding, ALL of the following steps must be completed by a student organization:

  1. Attend an SGA Resource Meeting (dates/times/locations can be found below).
  2. Complete the online application (via OrgSync) AT LEAST four weeks in advance of the planned event date.
  3. Present to the SGA Eagle’s Nest committee at the scheduled time set by the Director of Student Allocations over Eagle’s Nest.

The Fall 2017 Eagle's Nest Applications closes on November 5th at 5pm.

Fund Information

Review the Eagle's Nest Funding Policy for requirements and restrictions on funding, applying, and the guidelines for your presentations. 

Additionally, you can check out our Eagle’s Nest bylaws for more detailed information. 


If you have any questions please contact the SGA Office:

  • SGA Phone: (940) 565-3850
  • SGA Email: sga@unt.edu
  • SGA Office: Union, Suite 344

Resource Meetings

  • Tuesday, August 22nd: 3pm - Union 401
  • Wednesday, August 30th: 10:30am - Union 341
  • Friday, September 1st: 1:00pm - Union 341
  • Wednesday, September 6th: 2:00pm - Union 341
  • Thursday, September 7th: 8:30am - Union 341
  • Monday, September 18th: 1pm - Union 401
  • Monday, September 25th: 10:30am – DISCO PARK – D202
  • Wednesday, September 27th: 11am - Union 341
  • Monday, October 2nd: 1pm - Union 401
  • Monday, October 9th: 5pm - Union 341
  • Friday, October 20th: 10am – DISCO PARK – D202
  • Wednesday, October 25th: 10:30am - Union 341
  • Friday, November 3rd: 12pm - Union 401

 *These Resource Meetings are held in conjunction with the Director of Student Allocations over the Raupe Travel Grant.
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