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Intern Program

The SGA Intern Program is one of the highest-quality experiences you can undertake while attending the University of North Texas. In this program, 28 students enter knowing little about campus life, and leave with the knowledge and tools to become a substantial part of the next generation od student leadership at UNT.

The Intern Program is open to students of all fields of study, and does not require previous involvement in High School organizations such as Student Council and Class Officers.

The key elements of the Intern Programming include leadership development, event & project planning experience, and relationship building.

  • Interns will develop as leaders through intensive leadership training, and open discussion & research concerning personal, campus-wide, and national issues.
  • Working with other organizations and entities on campus is a large part of the Intern program: as an Intern, you will be taught how to plan events with other organizations, as well as gain experience completing projects to better the UNT student body. 
  • Relationship building is the bedrock of the Intern program. Not only will you have a network of students to rely on for your next 4 years, but you'll be placed in a mentor group with mentors from all walks of campus life, ranging from Orientation and Eagle Camp leaders to Resident Assistants and members of Greek Life, as well as many more. 

Additionally, as Interns, you will gain the unique experience of working with the larger body of SGA on issues that affect UNT students. This will be accomplished in two ways: shadowing a member of the executive branch throughout the school-year on their projects, and having the ability to work with current Student Senators on their legislation, as well as having the ability to submit legislation in the spring semester. 

Don't miss out on this amazing chance to start your future at UNT today!