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The University Program Council (UPC) is UNT's student-run programming board that is devoted to planning and implementing events for students that are educational, social, cultural and entertaining. UPC events range from movie screenings to the latest hot topics as well as live performances from musicians and comedians. With an executive board of student programmers, UPC strives to plan events that meet the needs of UNT students.

The 2016-2017 UPC Staff

President Marlaina Wright
Vice President of Membership Myles Alexander
Vice President of Marketing Miriam Garcia
Marketing Coordinator Hosianna Lumbantobing
Marketing Coordinator Joshua Lawson
Live Music Coordinator Gaby Perez
Live Music Coordinator Cameron Harlow
Special Programs Coordinator Madison Meehan
Special Programs Coordinator Alex Myers
Spirit Coordinator Cam Johnson
Arts Coordinator Brittnie Grono
Live Entertainment Coordinator Rachel Morales
Films Coordinator Kristen Harlow
Education Coordinator Muhammad Kara


Meet the President and Vice Presidents!

Marlaina Wright is UPC President for the 2016-2017 year

Favorite thing about UPC? The amount of fun one can get from this org. I see UPC as the best organization in the land, and there are just so many opportunities to grow within one organization, while still having a lot of fun!

Favorite program so far this year? It would have to be Rocky Horror Picture Show. Granted I had to work it, but being a part of that whole planning experience and seeing it all unfold is one that is close to my heart.

Dream program to bring to UNT? Go Karts! If there was some way for us to have a track around Highland, or find some way to do it in general, would be amazing!!! My second choice would be to bring a well-known, affordable artist back to campus for a great concert.


Myles Alexander is the UPC Vice President of Membership for the 2016-2017 year.

Favorite thing about UPC? That we are such big group and all diverse. I have met a lot of my closest friends in UPC. UPC is arguably one of my best colleges experiences overall.

Favorite Program in UPC? BOO Bash. It is so exciting to be able to reach outside of campus to the Denton community and give back.

Dream program to bring to UNT? A mass water slide during the spring/summer time. I've see a ton of cities that will take a road or hill and make it a water slide. I think it would great to do that and have water balloon fights along with other games.


Miriam Garcia is the UPC Vice President of Marketing for the 2016-2017 year.

Favorite thing about UPC? being able to interact with so many different kinds of people and develop close relationships. I absolutely love all our members and everyone on the Executive Board. 

Favorite Program in UPC? The Drag Show we put on last Spring. It was just so much fun to watch the performances and the crowd get so into it.

Dream program to bring to UNT? A Fashion Show- it would be cool to showcase student work and local designers as well. I think this type of event would fit well at UNT- we have the talent here, let’s use it!

What are you most excited about this year? Getting to know all the new members. It’s always fun to meet new people. We love to have socials and group activities and I am really excited to see some new faces! I know that when we all come together as a group we have so much fun!


Meet the Marketing Coordinators!

Hosianna Lumbantobing is the Marketing Coordinator for the 2016-2017 year. 

Favorite thing about UPC? My favorite thing about UPC is the enthusiasm among members/coordinators. The fact that an exclamation point is embedded into the UPC symbol is not a coincidence. Everyone who is a part of creating and implementing a UPC event goes into it with an abundance of excitement and energy! I love being able to say that I work with a group of people who are truly passionate about creating memorable experiences for UNT students. 

Favorite UPC Program? Eagle Insomnia has probably been my favorite event to attend/work. Eagle Insomnia has always been one of the biggest events UPC brings to campus where until midnight we have a lineup of activities and events from hypnotists to silent disco. Although it has underwent multiple changes over the past few semesters I think it is very representative of what we are able to do as an organization. 

Dream event to bring to UNT? I would love for UPC to hold a fitness/health typed event outside on the Library Mall where we could potentially partner with UNT’s Health and Wellness Center as well as the Recreational Center to put on a night of cardio workouts paired with a workshop on maintaining a healthy mind and body. 


Josh Lawson is the UPC Marketing Coordinator for the 2016-2017 year. 

Favorite thing about UPC? All the people you meet through the different interactions at events.

Favorite Program in UPC? So far, it has to be the drag show.

Dream program to bring to UNT? I would love to bring influential tech speakers to campus.

What are you most excited about this year? Leaving behind a message and a legacy that I'm proud of.