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The University Program Council (UPC) is UNT's student-run programming board that is devoted to planning and implementing events for students that are educational, social, cultural and entertaining. UPC events range from movie screenings to the latest hot topics as well as live performances from musicians and comedians. With an executive board of student programmers, UPC strives to plan events that meet the needs of UNT students.

The 2017-2018 UPC Staff

President Cam Johnson
Vice President of Membership De'Nay Richards
Vice President of Marketing Cameron Harlow
Marketing Coordinator Cierra Purifoy
Marketing Coordinator Marlene Salgado
Live Music Coordinator Clarissa Medrano
Special Programs Coordinator Destyni Clark
Special Programs Coordinator Eleonor Jackson
Spirit Coordinator Eddie Mendoza
Arts Coordinator Emily Beck
Entertainment Coordinator Jennifer Silva
Entertainment Coordinator Preston Falconer
Education Coordinator Gabi Ramdhanny


Meet the President and Vice Presidents!

Cam Johnson is UPC President for the 2017-2018 year

Major: Political Science and Public Administration

Favorite thing about UPC: The people I've met and relationships I have found from UPC

Favorite program so far this year: Always Eagle Insomnia!

Dream program to bring to UNT: Last year I said a Beyoncé concert…. And this year I say a Beyoncé concert

What are you looking foward to this year: I am so excited to lead this organization as well as developing the next leaders of UPC!


De'Nay Richards is the UPC Vice President of Membership for the 2017-2018 year.

Major: Intergrative Studies- Hospitality Management, Recreation, Event, and Sport Management, and International Studies

Favorite thing about UPC: The people. Everyone becomes so close that many people see UPC as their second family. 

Favorite program so far this year: Treat Yo Self. The therapy dogs were super cute and fun to cuddle 

Dream program to bring to UNT: Denton wide food contest. Vendors will come to campus and the students will vote who has the best food.

What are you looking foward to this year: I am looking forward to taking the membership experience to the next level and creating stronger bonds. 


Cameron Harlow is the UPC Vice President of Marketing for the 2017-2018 year.

Major: Public Relations

Favorite thing about UPC: UPC is great because I get to bring to life these incredible events. My ideas are implemented and it works for the enjoyment of the students on campus.

Favorite program so far this year: My favorite past UPC event would have to be UNT’s The Voice (created by yours truly). 

Dream program to bring to UNT: It would be a dream to have the budget to bring a famous band/artist to campus. 

What are you looking foward to this year: What I’m looking forward to most about this year is getting to finish out my college career doing what I love with people I love. 


Meet the Marketing Coordinators!

Cierra Purifoy is the Marketing Coordinator for the 2017-2018 year. 

Major: Speech and Language Pathology

Favorite thing about UPC: The environment

Favorite program so far this year: The Voice: UNT

Dream program to bring to UNT: A mini-water park

What are you looking foward to this year: Meeting more amazing people and spreading the word about UPC!


Marlene Salgado is the UPC Marketing Coordinator for the 2017-2018 year. 

Major: History

Favorite thing about UPC: Although I was lucky enough to call Denton my home far before I became a student at UNT I know others had to leave their hometowns behind. Through UPC and all of its diverse and inclusive events I have been able to play a role in making other students feel welcomed. Making others feel excited and at home at UNT is my favorite part of UPC.  

Favorite program so far this year: North X North Texas is my favorite event of the year. What makes Denton different from other cities is its lively music scene. I love NXTX because it brings that love for live music that the city is known for to campus.

What are you looking foward to this year: This year I am looking forward to all of the free food being served at UPC events.