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Orientation and Transition Programs

Activity Examples

Academic Success 

Academic Success involves active learning. These activities are designed to help you get used to moving beyond the classroom in your academic endeavors.

  • Meet with a professor outside of class during their office hours to discuss the course.
  • Make an appointment with an academic advisor at your home college campus or UNT.
  • Participate in an arranged study group from your class.

Personal Development 

Personal Development involves activities that will help you grow and understand yourself as a person, as well as assist you with your transition to the UNT community.

  • Take a career or major placement test, for instance, a math placement test.
  • Take a UNT Campus Tour.
  • Attend and participate in a university sponsored student organization meeting or club.

Social Success 

Social involvement is represented by your ability to know and interact in a healthy way with other students at the school where you decide to enroll or at UNT.

  • Attend an athletic event (save the ticket stub).
  • Attend a campus theatre or music performance (save a flyer or event program, if possible).
  • Attend Homecoming Festivities.