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Fast Facts: Transportation Services

  • All permits should be purchased online – it saves time (lines get long at Highland Street Garage) and you can print out a temporary permit until your permanent permit arrives (mailed within two weeks, typically). http://transportation.unt.edu/
  • Parking meters in Fry Street area have been taken down. It’s two-hour free parking. Tickets will be given after two hours to anyone who continues to park in the area.

Type of permit


Who can use it


Other notes

First time in College - FCS


First time in college residence hall students

Victory Hall lots 80, 81, 85

To get to and from campus, take the Eagle Point bus weekdays from 7:15 am to 5:35 pm. Take Mean Green from 6:15 pm to 7 am. Weekdays from 9 pm to 2 am you can call e-ride.  Weekend is Mean Green

Resident – R


Upperclassmen in residence halls

Back (south side) of Fouts and Victory Hall lots

Bus information is same as above. Mean Green services Fouts Field.

Resident Reserved – RR


Upperclassmen in residence halls

Lots are those next to designated halls

This permit is new this year. Lots are not oversold so permit holders are guaranteed a spot.

Eagle – E


Student commuters

Lots are around the perimeter of campus

Last year, 600 spots were open in Victory Hall but few Eagle permit holders used them so this year residents were moved to Victory and 700 spots are Eagle in Fouts.

Eagle Fall – EF


Student commuters

All E lots

This is a price decrease from last year. Those attending spring semester only can purchase prorated E permits in January.

Evening – EVN


Student commuters and Faculty/Staff

All E or F/S lots

These permits are only good from 5:30 pm to 7 am weekdays and all day on weekends.


  • Bus route pick-up/drop-off locations have changed to begin moving heavy traffic away from the center of campus in line with UNT’s master plan to create a safer environment, and save time and fuel costs. Specifics on all routes can be found online: transportation.unt.edu/transit
  • A bus tracker app should go live by the first day of school. Until it goes live, the bus tracker is on the Transportation website: transportation.unt.edu


Campus pick-up/drop-off

Run time

Other notes

Bernard Street

Union Circle

Every 7 minutes from 7:15 am to 12:28 pm. Every 10 minutes from 12:35 pm to 5:41 pm. Every 20 minutes from 6:01 pm to 10:21 pm. Weekdays only.


Centre Place

Union Circle

Every 6 minutes from 7:15 am to 2:20 pm. Every 10 minutes from 2:30 pm to 5:35 pm. Every 20-30 minutes from 5:55 to 10:25 pm. Weekdays only


Colorado Express

Union Circle – also has other spots near Highland Street Garage

Every 20 minutes from 7:15 am to 5:35 pm. Every 40 minutes from 6:15 pm to 10:15 pm. Weekdays only.

Commuters can park at Medpark Station on the south side of Denton for free and ride Colorado Express to UNT for free.

Discovery Park

West Hall, Fouts Field

Every 12-14 minutes from 7:15 am to 5:13 pm. Every 20-40 minutes from 5:39 pm to 9:59 pm. Weekdays only.


Eagle Point

Fouts Field

Every 8-12 minutes from 7:15 am to 5:35 pm. Weekdays only.

Service to and from Victory Hall. Mean Green goes to Victory for night route.

Mean Green

Fouts Field, Rec Center, EESAT, GAB, Fry Street, Art, Union, Kerr, Maple, Honors

Every 10 minutes from 7:15 am to 5:15 pm. Every 30-40 minutes from 6 pm to 7 am. Runs Weekdays and Weekends.

Services Victory Hall after 5:35 pm.

North Texan

West Hall, Fouts Field

Every 7 minutes from 7:15 pm to 5:51 pm. Every 14 minutes from 6:05 pm to 10:31 pm. Weekdays only.


Sam Bass

Union Circle

Every 30 minutes from 7:15 am to 9:55 pm. Weekdays only.

The Sam Bass route is being phased out starting with fall 2018.


Various points on campus.

On demand from 7 pm to 2 am Mon-Thurs. 4 pm to 2 am Fri, Sat, Sun.

Call 940-565-3014. Starts Aug. 28. Prior to then, call UNT PD at 940-565-3000.


If you are planning to carpool, you should know that the University of North Texas is one of the few universities nationwide to maintain an online carpooling system. UNT students, faculty, and staff can sign up for carpooling online using the Rideshare service. If you are interested in signing up for Rideshare, visit www.alternetrides.com.


You must have a permit to park on campus. Commuter parking permits are good through the end of the academic year (Fall through Summer II). The two types of permits are Premium Commuter and General Commuter. The Premium Commuter Parking Permit allows parking in lots designated "P" as well as "G". The General Commuter Parking Permit is limited to Fouts Field, Village Church, the Highland/ North Texas Blvd. parking area, and the Eagle Drive/ Welch Street parking area. Permits can be purchased through the parking website. For more info, please visit the UNT Parking web site.

UNT Shuttles

The UNT Shuttle offers quick and dependable transportation throughout the campus as well as to surrounding apartment complexes at designated stops. The UNT Shuttle can be accessed Monday through Friday starting from 7:15 am to as late as 2 in the morning. For more information on specific bus routes and their schedules, visit www.unt.edu/transit.

Denton Transportation

The Denton County Transportation Services (DCTA) provides transportation services to the cities of Denton, Hickory Creek, and the Greater Lewisville areas. Students can ride buses traveling throughout the city free of charge by showing their UNT student ID. For bus routes and schedules, visit www.dcta.net. You can now purchase bus & rail passes on your iPhone or Android phone with the GoPass app instead of buying a paper ticket. This app services DCTA, DART, TRE, and the T. Now you can save gas and trees! For more information go here.

Park & Ride-FREE!

UNT has started a free park and ride service with DCTA. Students (and faculty/staff) who use the park and ride do not have to purchase permits and can ride the bus for free direct to UNT (stop is at Union Circle and other stops are near Highland Street Garage). The park and ride station is Medpark – which is on the south side of Denton between the Red Lobster/On the Border restaurant area and Medical City (formerly Denton Regional Hospital). Bus service starts just after 7:15 am and runs through 10:15 pm each weekday. Buses are every 20 minutes until 5:30 and then every 40 minutes until 10:15.

This is a way for students to not have to pay for parking and it may be especially helpful for student commuters who come in from the Dallas area. From I-35E, they can take the Loop 288 exit, make a right onto Brinker Road (just before the On the Border driveway) and then make another right onto Medpark to get to the station. It allows them to ride to UNT without the stress of that last bit of traffic and having to find a parking space.

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