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Men's Health

Statistically men do not seek health services as often as women, although most men’s health risks are preventable and treatable.

The following are important health examinations and screenings for men and the recommended schedules of when they should be done:

  • Skin screening - Self check monthly for changing moles, freckles, for early skin cancer.
  • Testicular self exam - This should be done every month.
  • Blood pressure - Every year unless otherwise indicated by provider.
  • STD screening - Men who are sexually active; should be checked for Syphilis, Chlamydia, rapid plasma reagin (RPR), and HIV every year, unless otherwise indicated by provider.
  • Physical exam - Every 3 years, unless indicated by provider.
  • Cholesterol screening - Every 5 years or as otherwise indicated by provider.
  • Tetanus (Td) Booster - Every 10 years; unless otherwise indicated by provider.
  • HPV (Gardasil) Vaccine - Recommended for 26 and younger; prevents 4 common HPV types; 2 that cause most genital warts and 2 that cause cancer. It protects against new HPV infections, it is not a cure for existing HPV infections or disease.  The vaccine is available at the SHWC and is a series of 3 injections. It is most effective when the second dose is given a month after the first dose and the third dose six months after the second dose.

STI Package (Cost $68)

This test package includes testing for chlamydia, gonorrhea, HIV, and syphilis. Students without symptoms can walk-in for this testing package. If a patient is experiencing symptoms of an STI, they are encouraged to make an appointment with a provider to determine the best testing options.