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Wednesday October 17th

4:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.

Garden Workday We will be taking care of our tools and supplies by cleaning and organizing them. We will also be making sure the plots are fully planted and prepared for the fall growing season.

About the UNT Community Garden:

The UNT Community Garden is a space where UNT students, faculty, and staff can organically grow food, become educated on sustainability, and foster connections and relationships that will benefit our community. 

The UNT Community Garden is a place for all students, regardless of gardening knowledge or background.  Seeds, tools, water, and gardening supplies are provided for FREE for gardeners. The garden is intended to be a place for all to gather, garden, learn, and socialize. 

The Garden came about through a student led proposal presented to the We Mean Green Fund Committee in 2015. It is located in by Legends Hall, behind the Rec Center, and features raised garden beds, composting, and native landscaping for pollinators. Future plans for the garden include fruit trees!

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