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Introducing the Sustainability Graduation Cord

Are you passionate about making the world more sustainable through volunteerism?  Pursue the Sustainability Service cord! The Sustainability Service Cord can be worn at graduation to recognize the sustainable change that you have created during your UNT career

Each of the sustainability cords were hand-dyed by the UNT Fibers Collective. The cords are 100% natural cotton, chosen and harvested specifically for the UNT Office of Student Sustainability. The yellow base of the cords was created by immersing them in a dye bath of goldenrod, marigold, yarrow, and sunflower. Each cord was dipped in a natural indigo to achieve a dark green that fades to blue. The intricate creation process represents the goals of the UNT Student Sustainability Office.

We hope the cord is a point of green pride for those that receive it. The UNT Sustainability Graduation Cord is a sincere token of appreciation for the sustainable change that our UNT student leaders are working towards.


What Environmental Sustainability Projects Qualifies for a Cord?

The Sustainability Graduation Cord recognizes service that makes UNT and the Denton community more environmentally conscious and friendly.  Environmental Sustainability at UNT and the wider Denton community involves litter clean ups, stream cleans, tree plantings, garden workdays, and other projects which improve our environment.

If you have a question whether your volunteerism qualifies, please email

How Do I Get a Sustainability Graduation Cord?

Step 1 - Register your intrest in pursuing cord

Step 2 - Document your service every semester

  • Qualifications through May 2019
    • 50 hours for all undergraduate and graduate students.
  • Qualifications after May 2019
    • 50 hours for transfer students and graduate students
    • 100 hours for 4-year undergraduate students

Spring 2019 service reporting is due April 20.


    Upcoming Service Opportunities
    Stay tuned for upcoming events!

    Who can I volunteer with?


    Ready to Inspire Environmental Sustainable Change? Sign Up Today

    This is your opportunity to improve the quality of life through service on environmental sustainability projects at UNT and in our community.