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The long but rewarding process of building a new Union is well underway. Right now the transition phase between the current building and the new one is being finalized. Even though the campus will not have an official Union building, the Union will be very much alive providing events and services to students just like it always has.

With the transition, the offices and resources housed in the Union will be relocated to various spots around campus. But rest assured all programs and resources will have a place.

By the end of the summer of 2013 the Union will be emptied and construction will begin. At this time all Union departments will be in their new spot around campus.

Parking and Construction Fence Update- August 20, 2013

Construction fences are currently being set up around the entire University Union construction site, which may affect walking patterns on campus. Also, vehicle traffic patterns are changing on Union Circle to accommodate construction traffic and equipment.

The map shown below illustrates the construction fence perimeter and indicates alternative safe walking areas to move around the construction site.

The fences are expected to be fully installed by the end of August. Access gates, shown on the map below, indicate safe entrances to the University Union through October, when all Union services and offices will have relocated to other areas of campus.

For more information on relocations, visit

Union Circle south of the Union Circle Parking Garage will change from a one-way street to a two-way street by Aug. 23 (Friday).

Street parking along Union Circle will no longer be available. Parking will continue to be available in the Union Circle Parking Garage.

The west side of Union Circle, the section closest to the University Union building, and a portion of the north side, will close until 2015 to accommodate construction vehicle traffic via a gated construction site entrance.

Drivers who enter Union Circle will be able to turn around before the gated construction site entrance and exit by turning right on Welch Street. No left turns from south Union Circle onto Welch will be permitted. Drivers entering Union Circle also can turn right into the Union Circle Parking Garage parking lot and exit through the gates along the north side of Union Circle. 

Traffic on the north side of Union Circle will remain one way eastbound. 

For more information on University Union construction, service relocations and more, visit

Summer Update - August 5, 2013 

If you've been on campus recently you will have noticed a few new construction areas popping up. There are also some updates to go along with Union construction.

  • Eagle Express, operated by Pitney Bowes, will close Aug. 17 (Saturday) and reopen in rooms 176A (customer mail boxes) and 176B (mail sorting) in Stovall Hall on Aug. 19 (Monday). All mailing addresses will stay the same.
  • Wells Fargo, currently located on the third floor of the University Union, will close at 1 p.m. Aug. 16 (Friday) and reopen in Room 177 of Stovall Hall on Aug. 19 (Monday). Wells Fargo will keep the same hours, and customers will not see any changes to account information or services.
  • Green Mountain Coffee and the Corner Store, both located on the second floor of the University Union, will close Aug. 9 (Friday).
  • The modular food pavilion, located on the Campus Green between Sage and Sycamore halls, is expected to open before fall 2013 classes start on Aug. 28 (Wednesday).
  • Bruce Hall Cafeteria and other Dining Services locations remain open for meals. More information on open locations and hours during the summer can be found on the Dining Services website.
  • To accommodate customer traffic to the temporary Barnes & Noble College Bookstore located at Avenue C and Chestnut Street, most parking spaces in Parking Lot 5 will become metered parking. Chestnut Hall clinic parking spaces will not become metered parking spaces.
  • Parking meters will be enforced beginning Aug. 12 (Monday) ahead of the Aug. 14 (Wednesday) opening of the bookstore.

Parking Updates 

Three UNT parking lots will be fenced off in preparation for modular buildings that will house various departments and programs while the University Union construction is under way.
Parking lot 47, which surrounds the Church of Christ on Welch Street, will close April 24 in preparation for construction of the building that will house the Texas Fashion Collection, a portion of the Department of Counseling and Higher Education, and a portion of the College of Visual Arts and Design.
Parking lots 53 and 56, located at the corner of Bernard and Sycamore streets, will close April 29. The lots will close to make room for construction of a facility that will house the Department of Dance and Theatre.

Relocation Station #1

The first relocation outline concerns the College of Visual Arts and Design, Texas Fashion Collection and Counseling and Higher Education. These departments are being moved from Stovall Hall to new buildings at the old Church of Christ site.

The new CVAD space will include:

  • 17,800 gsf
  • Classrooms
  • Studio lab teaching spaces
  • Equipment-dense work rooms, faculty and staff offices
  • Storage for the Fashion Design and Fibers Program
  • This will be a temporary location until the new CVAD building in complete.

The new Texas Fashion Collection space will include:

  • 7,600 gsf, two-story
  • Climate controlled vault space for 20,000 pieces
  • Storage and processing space
  • Offices
  • A conference room
  • A classroom
  • Laundry room
  • The space will require museum preservation and conservation considerations

The new Counseling and Higher Education space will include:

  • 14,000 gsf
  • Academic space
  • Administrative space
  • Clinical space for CHDC

Relocation Station #2

This week’s relocation outline concerns the Dance and Theatre Arts department.

This department currently has space in Stovall Hall. But in order to make room for Union offices and resources in Stovall, this department being relocated to a new building adjacent to the Speech and Hearing Clinic on Bernard and Sycamore Street.

The new Dance and Theatre Arts building will feature:

  • 19,000 gsf
  • A reception area
  • A conference room
  • A storage space for instruments
  • Offices for faculty and staff
  • Four large dance rooms
  • Dance computer lab
  • Specialty flooring and increased ceiling heights will be provided

Relocation Station #3

The University Bookstore is an important part everyday life for UNT students. From UNT gear to school supplies to books, the University Bookstore provides daily needs for students. Like all other resources in the current Union, the bookstore is being relocated on campus to make sure students have access to its benefits.

The temporary bookstore will be located at the Northwest corner of Avenue C and Chestnut near McConnell Hall and Bruce.

The temporary building will be a 20,000 square foot pressurized tent structure. It will house everything that is in the current bookstore in the Union until the new Union is finished.

Relocation Station #4

The Campus Chat is the most popular venue for students to grab some lunch or a quick snack during the day. Rest assured that when the Union is under construction the beloved food court will not disappear. In fact, the Chat will be relocated just a few feet from the Union construction site.

The temporary Chat will be located in the North Commons in between the International Students Building and Sage Hall. It will be a 6,000 square foot modular space with all of the food options students have in the current Union. Catering will be absorbed into existing food services functions elsewhere on campus.

Relocation Station #5

Stovall HallThe current Union houses many offices and resources for student organizations and administration. The organization and administration offices will be relocated to Stovall Hall off of Highland Street. Stovall Temporary Union Building (STUB) is a 26,000 square foot space that will house:

  • Student Activities
  • Center for Leadership and Services
  • Student Affairs
  • Dean of Students
  • Multicultural Center
  • Information Technology
  • Student Legal Services
  • Union Administration
  • University Program Council
  • Orientation & Transition Programs
  • Student Government Association
  • Graduate Student Council
  • Design Works
  • Eagle Images
  • Wells Fargo
  • Mail Services

The Greek Life Office will be housed in Stovall until they permanently relocate to the new Greek Life Center in Spring 2014, located off of Welch Street.

With the completion of the new Union, Stovall Hall will be demolished to make room for a lawn. Texas State Historical Society and University Press can remain in Stovall until May of 2015. A permanent home will be identified for TSHS and University Press.