DSA 2021 Return to Campus Plan


  • This is a document in progress and will be updated as more information is available and posted online once complete.
  • To support our students during Orientation which begins June 2, by June 1, all staff working in a position that is directly student-facing will no longer be working 100% remotely. 
  • After June 1, we will continue to bring staff back to campus full-time with the possibility for continued occasional remote work being dependent on position, department needs and HR guidelines.
  • As we have throughout this pandemic, we must remain in sync with the needs of our students and continually evaluate their feedback. Several of our areas have continued satisfaction surveys over the last year and some have not. The hope is to capture the feedback of students and compare it to in-person where possible both before COVID and once we are fully open in the fall.  
  • As has been the case throughout this year, some positions will not be able to work remotely.
  • Per HR memo sent April 14: Effective April 30, 2021, any employee in a high-risk category as defined by the CDC will be asked to follow the policies outlined below as we eliminate the use of work modification request forms. Flexible work arrangements will continue at UNT with the approval of the employee’s vice president. Faculty or staff who are seeking Flexible Work Arrangements (FWA) or reasonable accommodations due to a disability under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) should work through their supervisor and follow the established system and campus policies outlined in the links below.
  • Supervisors will submit the names of staff who are authorized to continue on their existing remote work agreements to Sandy Howell by April 30.
  • DSA staff will receive notice from their supervisor by April 30 that they should not build child-care or other personal arrangements around a rotating work schedule after June 1.  
  • Depending on the level of staffing needed to serve our students, staff may be permitted to work off-campus if approved by their department manager. This flexible work arrangement:
    • Does not constitute approval for a permanent remote work assignment either inside or outside the DFW area.
    • Requires that employees can quickly return to campus with little notice as the needs of the business require (e.g., staff meetings, retreats, personal evaluations); and have a job assignment conducive to remote work in non-emergency conditions.
  • Units will continue to document the efforts of those doing remote work in the manner that they established this year.  


  • HR will guide us on best practices for documenting the use of University property off-campus.


  • As we transition to a post-COVID-19 world, we will continue to evaluate our safety guidelines and follow best practices regarding mask-wearing, social distancing, etc.
  • As more staff begin a return to campus, directors will evaluate their spaces and make recommendations to their direct reports to see if consolidation, restructuring or any temporary workstations are possible.
  • By the fall semester, we will evaluate space. For example, if a staff member works 50% remotely each week, dedicated space will not be necessary.