Eagle Access Card Swipe


The Eagle Access Card Swipe system is used campus-wide to track student participation and engagement. Interested in using card swipe? Below are links to the training card swipe users need to complete to have access to event participation reports. There are a series of training with associated icons and details on the Insights training page. In each training description, visitors can click on the Insights Training Request link to sign-up for training.

Insights Training Page

Insights Training Request Link 

Participants are encouraged to complete FERPA Training prior to attendance. 

Purchasing Card Readers

To ensure compatibility with the Eagle Access Card Swipe System, users should only purchase the MU-B2-6 card reader from ID Innovations. Contact DSAassessment@unt.edu for vendor representative contact information. 

Once purchased, new readers need to be programmed to work with the Eagle Access Card Swipe system. Contact DSAassessment@unt.edu to schedule. 

Set Up Card Swipe at an Event

Visit cardswipe.unt.edu to log into Eagle Access Card Swipe to track attendance