Fall 2020 FAQ

As we near the start of the fall semester, we know our students and their families have questions regarding safety and academic success in the midst of this current health crisis. Please review the frequently asked questions below to help guide you. This page will be updated as new information becomes available.

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What do I do if I test positive for COVID-19 before move-in?

Call the COVID hotline at 844-366-5892 and you will be given the next steps. You will be able to move-in after the isolation date has passed.

After a student moves in, can they go home, or do they have to stay in the hall?

The student would be able to go home, however, roommates will agree upon what their conditions are for travel off-campus.

Will there be suitemate or roommate agreements related to travel, cleaning, and COVID?

 Yes, all residents will be completing roommate agreements that cover items such as travel away from campus, use of each other’s belongings, in room cleaning, along with other traditional items such as bedtimes, quiet, visitors, etc.

Can parents unpack and stay longer than the 30-minute move-in window?

Yes, families are encouraged to bring what they need to assist them in moving students’ belongings to their rooms and may stay to assist with room set up and unpacking.   

Will students be allowed to have guests in the residence halls?

For now, residents will not be allowed to have guests. This includes residents who live in another residence hall, off-campus students, families, friends, and significant others.

How will the residence hall rooms be cleaned for sterilization?

All rooms have been deep cleaned and sanitized prior to students’ arrival.  Public areas and community restrooms will be cleaned daily.  High touch public areas and public restrooms will be cleaned seven days a week.

What plans do you have in place for a student who is living in the residence halls and tests positive for Covid-19?

Please visit https://housing.unt.edu/content/housing-covid-19-info to find out about UNT quarantine procedures.

Do resident students need to quarantine 14-days before coming to campus?

We are not asking any students to quarantine based upon travel except those traveling from international countries.  

As long as you are symptom-free and meet the guidelines on the self-monitoring form, you will not be required to quarantine.

What precautions is UNT taking in the residence and dining halls to prevent an outbreak of COVID?

Each wing of a residence hall will be assigned a color and students will be given a silicon wristband to wear display their wing’s color. This will help us ensure residents are primarily in closer contact with peers they are already living near and we will utilize it to facilitate students accessing dining halls in a safe manner.

You can learn more about UNT Housing’s Reopening plan at https://housing.unt.edu/content/housing-covid-19-info and more information on UNT Dining’s plans at https://dining.unt.edu/response.

Can I remain in my residence hall if UNT decides to move all classes remotely before Thanksgiving?

We will not require students to move out of their residence hall; they will have access during the academic year, including after Thanksgiving when all courses move to remote. The only exception is Winter break, which is our standard procedure each year. During Winter break, students leave their belongings in their room, they just take with them items they need while away.

What are the plans for cleaning residence halls in common areas such as study rooms, cafeterias, libraries, laundry facilities, etc.?

Common areas will remain open and arrangements, such as moving furniture, will be made to allow for appropriate social distancing. Campus buildings are cleaned each evening by Custodial Service staff. This service includes cleaning and disinfecting all restrooms, disinfecting touch surfaces such as door handles to restrooms and entrance doors, and disinfecting common use areas. Additionally, restrooms in high-traffic buildings are serviced twice each business day and all high-touch surfaces within occupied areas will be regularly disinfected. In addition, each classroom will have a cleaning kit for students and faculty to use as needed. Visit https://housing.unt.edu/content/housing-covid-19-info to learn more about Housing’s Reopening Plan.

What are the set procedures in place for move-in day for the students living on campus to minimize exposure?

This year's move-in is being staggered over a five-day period to allow for social distancing. Please visit https://housing.unt.edu/ for more information. While this 5-day window is established to help manage the number of students checking in at one time, students can choose to check-in after this 5-day window, if so desired.

How will dining hall procedures change?  

Dining Services has taken steps to ensure the safest, most enjoyable dining experience for UNT students.  We will continue to remain flexible to respond to rapidly-evolving circumstances.  The best source for a detailed compilation of the measures implemented by Dining as well as a link to hours of operation is:  https://dining.unt.edu/response      https://dining.unt.edu/hours

Will students be served meals or have buffet options?

 Currently, all food in the dining halls is full-service or packaged.

Are students allowed to take food to their room if they are uncomfortable eating in the dining hall?

We have adjusted the meal plan to allow for takeout or eat-in options.  Seating capacity in the dining rooms has been limited to allow for social distancing.  Outdoor tent seating will be available at multiple locations across campus as well.


What do I do if I am planning to come to campus this fall but need to be absent initially due to COVID or other illness?

Reach out to the Dean of Students office and your faculty to make arrangements to make up any work missed while ill.

Where can I go to attend remote classes while on campus?

UNT has “perch points” where students can take their remote class while on campus if your residence hall room is not sufficient or you want a different environment. 

  • Rooms:

    • Language Building: 215, 216, 217, 218

    • Wooten Hall: 114, 115, 121

    • Chemistry 104

  • Other Areas

    • Discovery Park Hallways, Sage Hall, Willis Library, ENV Lobby, CVAD Lobby, Union, Gateway hallways, BLB Atrium, Chilton Hallways, Music Atrium, GAB, RTVF Hallways

How will I attend my in-person classes if I need to quarantine?

All of our 110 classrooms, where the majority of our in-person instruction courses are located, are capable of moving to live stream when needed. If a student in the class has to isolate, the plan is to turn on live-streaming.

If I have in-person classes but would like the online option what do I do?

Please contact your advisor to discuss any changes to your class schedule.


What happens if I or a student in my class has symptoms or tests positive? How do I report a student whom I suspect has symptoms?

If a student tests positive, we will conduct an extensive investigation with that person. Part of that investigation involves asking people to identify any “close contacts." If someone is identified as close contact, they will be notified and instructed to quarantine for 14 days from the last exposure to the infected person. If someone is not considered a close contact, they will be given guidance to self-monitor for symptoms.  Close contact is defined as any individual that is within 6ft of an infected person for 15 minutes or greater during the two days prior to developing symptoms.

UNT established a COVID Hotline to help community members report and understand COVID-19 symptoms, testing information and/or results, as well as receive guidance on actions they may need to take following potential exposure. You can reach the hotline by calling 844-366-5892 or you can email covid@unt.edu.

Is UNT planning to inform the community about positive cases and told which dorms have the infected students? 

UNT’s primary goal as our community returns to campus is to help keep everyone as safe and healthy as possible. UNT is closely monitoring active cases from individuals to determine the impact of our UNT campus community in an effort to minimize the spread of COVID-19 as much as possible. Please visit https://healthalerts.unt.edu/return/cases to view our community's active COVID cases.

Are COVID tests available on campus and how much does it cost?

UNT's Student Health and Wellness Center are offering a rapid COVID test, available by appointment only. SHWC COVID testing is available to students experiencing symptoms. The cost is $50, including the office visit with a medical provider and the rapid test. The SHWC will file to a student's insurance if accepted, and insurance benefits will determine costs. As always, the SHWC will not turn away a student who is unable to pay for medically necessary services.

The SHWC will also test students, faculty, and staff members identified as close contacts through the contact tracing process. UNT will cover charges for testing through the contact tracing process for close contacts without symptoms. If you have questions about potential exposure, testing or symptoms, contact UNT's COVID Hotline at 844-366-5892 or COVID@unt.edu.

As a parent, how will I be informed if my child tests positive for COVID while at UNT?

Due to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPPA), UNT will not be able to release any medical information for our students.


What will First Flight be like this year?

At this time, we are planning for all First Flight components to be virtual. Depending on how COVID changes in our community over the next couple of weeks, if an opportunity arises to offer some of the components in person, we will be prepared to move in that direction. Regardless of if we are able to offer some programs in person, a student will be able to complete all First Flight requirements virtually if desired. You can find more information on First Flight here.

Will the roommates have the same color wristband for First Flight week?

Yes. Students living within the same residence hall wing, including their roommate, will share the same color wristband.

Will there be in-person activities during First Flight week?

At this time, there will not be in-person activities during First Flight. A student’s RA may host an in-person hall meeting, but those are not part of the official First Flight program.

What will groups look like during First Flight Week?

First Flight groups will be by the residence hall wing.

Does my student have to be on campus to complete First Flight?

No. Even if we are able to move some programs to in-person (pending a change in our current COVID situation), all First Flight requirements will be able to be completed online.


What will happen to a student who does not wear a mask?

Please refer to the Tips for Addressing Noncompliance of Face Covering Requirement at https://healthalerts.unt.edu/return/non-compliance.  This document will help provide do’s and don’ts as well as provide resources available. 

As stated by UNT masks are required on campus however what procedures are in place if a student or faculty member does not have one?

All on-campus residents will receive a cloth face mask when they arrive on campus. We will also be providing masks to our campus community when necessary. They will be available in the Hurley Administration Building, Suite 207, M-F 8 a.m.-5 p.m.


If I have a disability, what will UNT do to accommodate this?

The Office of Disability Access will work with you and your instructors to be sure any needed accommodations are provided. You can find more information here https://studentaffairs.unt.edu/office-disability-access/covid-19-requests.

Are students required to share their ODA accommodation information with the UNT employee upon request?

The ODA cannot require students to demonstrate their association with the office outside of the classroom for the receipt of academic accommodations.  However, students who have been approved for a face covering exemption through the ODA will be emailed a COVID-19 Accommodation Letter as soon as they are approved so that the student can have it available if asked to present it.  If a student is seen in a UNT building without a mask and states that they have an exemption due to disability, the student should be able to show the email from ODA approving the accommodation for the face mask exemption.  In addition, please refer to the guidance at https://healthalerts.unt.edu/return/non-compliance# on how to navigate those situations. 

For students experiencing issues with restricted breathing, are there possible alternatives to wearing disposable or cloth face masks?

Instructors may learn that some students in their courses may have issues wearing disposable or cloth face masks due to a variety of reasons, including those with certain respiratory, psychiatric, or medical disorders.  Fortunately, there are reasonable alternatives to the disposable and cloth face masks that include wearing a scarf, bandana, loose face covering, or full face shield as reasonable alternatives to a face mask so that your breathing will not be as restricted.  However, if these modifications still present barriers to breathing for the student due to disability, please refer the student to ODA. 

How will instructors know which students in their in-person classes have a face-covering exemption?

Students who have been approved for a face covering exemption through the ODA will be emailed a COVID-19 Accommodation Letter as soon as they are approved so that the student will have access to present it upon request.  ODA is also working on adding this accommodation under the heading “COVID-19 Pandemic Accommodations” to students’ Fall 2020 ODA Accommodation Letters. 

What is the best way for instructors to approach students not wearing face coverings in class?

Because this interaction would most likely occur in a classroom with other students, the ODA recommends that an instructor not ask a student about an accommodation letter during class.  If the instructor sees a student without a mask in class, remind them that masks are required. Should the student respond that they are not able to wear one, guidance from https://healthalerts.unt.edu/return/non-compliance states:  “if a student reports that their refusal to wear, or not wear, a covering is due to a disability, refer them to the Office of Disability Access, but try to make an appropriate exception at the time. Do not ask questions related to a disability or medical condition.”

What should instructors do if they are uncertain about receiving an accommodation letter or whether the exemption was listed?

The easiest option would be for instructors to check the AIM Instructor Portal and view the student’s accommodation letter to see if there are any COVID-19 accommodations listed.  If still unsure, instructors can always reach out to ODA at Apply.ODA@unt.edu to inquire about the student’s approval for the accommodation.  Please note that the ODA will respond to those inquiries as quickly as possible; however, there may be a 24-48 hour delay depending on the volume of inquiries.


How will on-campus jobs be handled after the Thanksgiving break when classes move online?

In the event we move all instruction and services remote, we will continue to employ as many of our students as possible. Many of our positions lend themselves to working remotely, but not all. The ability to do this will vary depending on your position and what job duties your supervisor assigns. Students should work directly with their supervisor to understand options.


Can I get a refund on my parking permit if all of my classes are online?

Please contact Transportation Services at transporation.services@unt.edu or 940-565-3020 for more information. Before purchasing a permit, we encourage students to think about whether having a car on campus is needed. UNT students have access to all DCTA buses to help get around campus and Denton. Daily parking passes ($5 per day, available for advance purchase online) and hourly lots and garages are available throughout campus.

How do I get my ID card?

Please visit https://sfs.unt.edu/idcards for the latest information on how to obtain your student ID.