VP Message- Diversity Update- May 18, 2021

Dear DSA,

If you are able, please make time to join the Diversity Council’s open meeting tomorrow at 2 p.m. The meeting format will include time for breakout sessions to give everyone who wishes a chance to share ideas, challenges or ask questions.

Some other information I would like to share with you this month.

  • This week, our Marketing and Communications department launched a new feature for staff profiles on the website to allow those who wish to add pronouns to their profiles. This will help make our profiles more inclusive while giving our staff a better sense of belonging. This is another important step in our commitment to advocating for a diverse and inclusive Division and community. Details on how to update profiles has been shared on Teams. Please email kara.ottinger@unt.edu with any questions.



  • The Diversity Council will be conducting a small number of focus groups this summer regarding diversity, inclusion, and engagement of staff within the division. These focus groups are part of a campaign to follow up on the results of the 2018 campus climate survey. Focus group participants will be identified across all reporting levels and roles in the division and results will be shared.

Thank you all for your continued attention and efforts to this important work.

Take care,

Elizabeth With Ed.D.

Vice President for Student Affairs