VP Message- Diversity Update - October, 5 2020

Dear DSA,

We find ourselves, once again, faced with another officer-involved fatal shooting of a Black man. This time, Jonathan Price in Wolfe City.

I recognize that the psychological, physiological and emotional stress of our Black students and staff is being continually tested and tried each time this occurs. I am truly sorry for the hardships the repeated deaths of Black people at the hands of police are causing members of our community.

I urge everyone to check on your friends and colleagues. If you are personally struggling, I encourage you to utilize our Employee Assistance Program, talk to your supervisor to see if you can take some time off, or find someone you trust to talk to.

I wish so much that I could take away the pain, anger and hurt that our Black staff and students are feeling. Please know that I see you and acknowledge the toll this is taking on you.

 Take care,

Elizabeth With, Ed.D.

Vice President for Student Affairs