DSA Proposed Reopening Plan

As we continue to navigate our way through the COVID-19 pandemic, the Division of Student Affairs is currently planning some face-to-face efforts in Summer II (both academic and co-curricular) and planning to have the most robust opening as possible for fall.

Our focus is on small in-person programs or services that will help to engage students both new and continuing while providing the opportunity for social distancing when needed.

This site will be updated regularly to reflect the most up-to-date information.


Due to ongoing concerns regarding COVID-19, the University of North Texas has decided to move all Transfer Orientation programs (except Late Orientation), and Freshman Orientation programs scheduled through the end of July to a virtual format.

Virtual Orientation Program FAQs

Events and Programs

  • No large gatherings will be permitted on campus through July 5.
  • The University is not planning or scheduling large gatherings for the summer or fall yet. We are continuing to monitor information coming to us from health officials and our government leaders, and we will continue to evolve our plans as necessary.
  • The university will monitor public health directives around the number of people that can gather and further guidance will be provided as information becomes available.

Precautions we are considering for small and large gathering once they begin:

  • All gatherings must employ social distancing.
  • The University Union will reevaluate meeting spaces to consider spatial distancing and will provide opportunities for streaming meetings and programs.
  • Anyone hosting an event, including student organizations, must sign a document saying they understand recommendations for social distancing and other safety measures, including food safety. 
  • Departments will utilize larger spaces for events if it allows for greater social distancing.
  • When a larger space is not an option, reconfigure large events that do not lend themselves to virtual conditions to span a longer period of time and stagger entrance into events. Such as time slots by alphabet or large events could take place across several days, rather than one.
  • Depending on the size of events/meetings, alternate participants being in person or virtual.
  • We will provide adequate cleaning and sanitizing of areas.
  • Students will swipe their own ID card when entering offices or events.


Our approach for the fall is dependent on the progression of COVID-19 in Denton and the surrounding area, as well as guidance from city, county, state, and federal officials. Like most universities across the country, we intend to have as traditional experience as we can for our residential community.

Here is what we are currently doing and exploring in hopes of providing a robust experience for our residents while prioritizing the health and safety of our students:

  • Our Housing and Residence Life custodial staff will continue to disinfect surfaces in public areas of the residence halls twice a day, including but not limited to handrails, doorknobs, stair rails, elevator buttons, water fountains, floor/wing community bathrooms, hand dryers, toilet paper dispensers, paper towel dispensers, soap dispensers, toilet stall doors, lobby/front desk countertops, public office trashcans and recycle cans, pianos, music stands, tabletops, study rooms, and music practice rooms.
  • We will continue to emphasize with our communities that washing hands, social distancing, and other recommended strategies from the CDC as the most effective ways to prevent the spread of germs.
  • We are reviewing safety practices and will train our staff on appropriate health protocols to adjust move-in, front-desk customer services, and on-call emergency response.
  • We are exploring approaches to community-building events utilizing multiple platforms including live-streaming, social media, virtual collaboration, and on-line learning, as well as scaling back typically larger events to promote social distancing.
  • We also are creating isolation areas for those who may exhibit symptoms or become ill with COVID-19.

Our primary focus is on the safety of our residential community and the academic success of our students. We will continue to follow the guidance of the various government agencies.


Due to the university’s response to COVID-19 and current guidelines, the UNT Dining Services team has taken steps to ensure the safest, most enjoyable dining experience for UNT students and our entire campus community.

We have changed many of the ways we do business due to COVID-19:

  • UNT Dining Services is utilizing FDA’s Employee Health and Personal Hygiene Handbook for guidelines pertaining to foodservice operations.
  • Contactless entry into our Dining Halls means Guests now swipe their own ID cards upon entry. We are not accepting cash at this time.
  • All salad stations in Dining Halls and Retail Restaurants are full-service.
  • We reduced the number of chairs and increased space between tables in our dining room to allow for social distancing.
  • Added floor markers and signage to encourage a 6-foot distance between other guests and team members.
  • Signs posted throughout our venues serve as friendly reminders of our guests’ responsibility to practice social distancing.
  • Frequently evaluating closed venues to reopen as many as possible.

We take great pride in our clean operations and have increased the frequency and stringency of our already-strict cleaning routines. We have carefully reviewed our sanitation procedures and have updated them accordingly.

We are taking extra measures to ensure the safety of our guests and team members by increasing the frequency of:

  • Electrostatic sanitation in dining areas. 
  • Deep cleaning checkpoints in all food preparation areas.
  • Disinfecting all food contact surfaces and kitchen equipment.
  • Cleaning and sanitizing for tables, chairs, and dining room touchpoints.

Our commitment to food safety has always been a priority:

  • Every manager, chef and employee supervisor at UNT is ServSafe Manager Certified.
  • Managers are diligent about training and overseeing proper glove change and handwashing practices.
  • UNT Dining Services’ Food Handler Certification program is the only one of its kind to be accredited through the Texas Department of State Health Services.
  • In partnership with UNT Risk Management’s Director of Public Health, we employ a third-party food safety auditor to complete regular, in-depth inspections of kitchen checkpoints and protocols.

We will continue to review and modify all sanitation solutions as circumstances evolve. Please visit the COVID-19 and Dining Services webpage for details on our operational changes and safety standards.


  • If you've been telecommuting, please continue to do so until you hear differently from your supervisor.
  • Staff will be required to wear masks during all face-to-face interactions. Those will be provided to you.
  • Staff should practice proper hygiene – washing hands regularly with soap and water, avoid touching their face, cough or sneeze into your elbow or sleeve, etc.
  • We will continue to provide for telecommuting options/rotations (for those whose positions allow for it) making sure to consider members of special populations.
  • General building areas (common room areas, staircases, elevators, etc.) are being cleaned on a regular basis. They are being cleaned even more often if there are essential employees who are still working in those areas. Personal desks and other areas such as private lockers are not cleaned by custodial staff in order to ensure privacy. Employees should bring their own disinfectant for those areas, if they are not already available in your offices. In addition to masks, the University also is in the process of ordering sanitizing stations for buildings and hand sanitizer for all areas. If there is a need for a deeper clean – for example an employee has been diagnosed with COVID and was in the office while sick – then custodial staff suits up in their PPE and uses a targeted disinfectant to clean the area.