VP Message - UNT Fall Campus Opening and COVID Safety Information - August 9, 2021

Aug. 9, 2021

Dear new UNT students and parents,

This fall, UNT is returning to a full university experience after we banded together to face numerous challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic. The vibrant, engaging campus our students will step into is directly connected to the remarkable character our community has shown these past 15 months.

At UNT, we are embracing science and taking advantage of COVID vaccines which help keep our community healthy and allow for a full fall opening.

Medical experts from across the country have said vaccines can help us reach herd immunity and end the pandemic, but we know more inoculations are still needed. The virus' latest mutation, particularly the Delta variant, appears to have an increased ability to spread from person to person, and COVID cases are once again on the rise. Almost all hospitalized patients are unvaccinated individuals. It is becoming more and more evident that people who are fully vaccinated have a high degree of protection from COVID-19.

To that end, I am happy to share that UNT's Student Health and Wellness Center is offering vaccine appointments on a limited basis for UNT students, as well as faculty, staff and UNT System employees.

Please keep in mind that COVID testing is still available on campus for all students. We encourage everyone to test, wear a mask if preferred and, of course, get vaccinated to keep themselves and each other healthy. For our campus residents, I encourage you to think through an alternative housing plan should you need to isolate or quarantine as we don’t anticipate having space available on campus.

As you will discover, one of the best qualities in our Mean Green Family is how much we care for one another and the compassion we show our fellow Eagles each day. By taking individual and collective steps to help one another stay healthy and safe, we are building a better UNT.

I am so proud to welcome you all to our community and I look forward to having our students on campus very soon and to the continued partnership with our new parents in the years to come.

Take care,

Elizabeth With Ed.D.
Vice President for Student Affairs