VP Message - New Committee Structure

Dear DSA,

As I mentioned at Monday‚Äôs Kickoff Celebration, over the summer our leadership teams took a look at our current committees and their functions. We assessed what was working and where we needed to make changes.

One of those changes that I shared was the restructuring of the Staff Engagement Committee into four different groups so that important work was getting the appropriate focus and to ensure no one group was overloaded. This was one of many changes that we made including adding new committees to further our mission and support you and your work. You can view all of the committees and their members on our website.

Our councils and committees in DSA have a rich history of providing crucial trainings, recommendations and resources. They also are a source of leadership opportunities and engagement for staff across all levels. This restructuring and addition of new committees will provide even more opportunities for our staff to contribute their knowledge while growing their leadership skills.

Committees play an important role in the implementation of our strategic plan and the ongoing work of our division. We will periodically review the structure and number of committees we have to be sure they are aligned with our goals.

I want to thank every committee chair and all the members who agreed to serve and I look forward to seeing their contributions.


Elizabeth With Ed.D.
Senior Vice President for Student Affairs