VP Message - A New Year Has Begun!


Dear DSA,

Welcome to a new academic year everyone!

Let me start by first acknowledging the hard work that has gone on throughout the summer to get us ready for this day. From Orientations to Mean Green Move-In to First Flight and so much more, I know that getting our largest freshmen class here has not been easy. Thank you!

And now we begin.

As I think about the year ahead, I am filled with optimism. This is a transformational time in higher education and I see us evolving as we continue to meet the needs of our students. I am thankful we are moving away from the constant crisis management COVID-19 forced upon us and instead looking to the future of our division and profession. We will be implementing ways to serve our students better from every angle. Our students need and expect more from us and I know we can deliver. As we look at early reports indicating an overall growth in enrollment including the aforementioned significant increase in our freshmen class, we know we must continue to be more intentional and comprehensive in serving our students, as well as our other growing populations, including first-generation, graduate and international.

We also will be continuing our focus on staff care, diversity and equity work, our processes and so much more. We will discuss this more in-depth at our DSA Kickoff Lunch from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Sept. 26.

This is truly a special division filled with caring, creative and dedicated professionals who strive daily to make our students’ experiences and their lives better.

I am grateful to serve beside you. Here’s to a new year!



Elizabeth With Ed.D.
Senior Vice President for Student Affairs