VP Message- Weekly Update April 27, 2020

Dear DSA team,

As we continue to navigate our new landscape, I am continually proud but not surprised at how you are all stepping up to serve our students. Thank you for your hard work.
Some updates:

  • As promised, check out the answers to the questions we didn’t have time to address during our recent town hall.
  • Although commencement ceremonies are postponed we would love for you to join us May 4 - 8 in using social media to congratulate our students that are graduating this semester. The Graduating Year Experience program will be posting pictures of our graduates on its social media and webpage throughout next week. They have created various social media templates you can use to craft your messages to graduates. Students can use this link to submit their photos. We’ll be using the hashtags: #UNT2020 and #CelebrateYouNT. Please contact Aundrea.Caraway@unt.edu if you have any questions.
  • Please keep driving folks to our Parent and Family Hotline at 844-366-5892. The hotline is available from 10 a.m. to 2. p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays and 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Friday.

If you know of staff members who are going above and beyond during this time, please email student.affairs@unt.edu describing their effort. We want to highlight some of these examples as we discuss how we have come together as a caring campus community to respond to this health crisis. 

  • Kudos to Andie Jackson from Student Activities for jumping in to help coordinate the Student Outreach Campaign. She is responding to volunteer questions and assigning students to volunteers on a daily basis!
  • Thank you to Dr. Hermann and Dr. Shelton and to the entire Student Health and Wellness Center team for their tireless work during this crisis.
  • Kudos to Renee McNamara, Jessica Hogue, Melissa Manilla and Victoria Schofield who jumped in to take care of students who lost jobs and were going to withdrawal from UNT. All four of them helped to keep these students enrolled and offered assistance in so many other ways (meals, financial resources, and a listening ear). We have had a number of students stay at UNT instead of withdrawing because of their interventions.
  • Thanks to the orientation staff (Denton and Frisco) for implementing 3 successful online orientation programs so far! It’s a new environment for everyone, but all staff are working diligently to make it a positive experience for students and parents.

Let’s stay strong and keep supporting each other and our students!

Take care,

Elizabeth With Ed.D.