University of North Texas

Division of Student Affairs


Have a list of Student ID's or EUID's from a presentation or workshop? Here's how to add the information to handshake.

Smaller Presentations/Workshops (< 30)

  1. Pull up the event in handshake
  2. Open check-in kiosk
  3. Enter the ID's manually. The kiosk says "enter email address or username," but their student ID will work.

Larger Presentations/Workshops (> 30)

For larger events, you'll need to prepare a CSV file for upload.

Formatting your CSV File:

  1. Column A: identifiable_id. This can be found at the end of the event URL:     

  2. Column B: identifiable_type. For presentations and workshops, this will always be Event
  3. Column C: student_email_address. If you have student ID's and need to find email adresses, email Corey or Gena the list of ID's. 
  4. Column D: checked_in. This will always be listed as TRUE
  5. Column E: identifier. The heading needs to be there, but leave the rest of this column blank
  6. Save it to your computer (keep it CSV format)

If you have multiple presentations/workshops, you can list them in the same CSV, just make sure the ID's for each event are listed correctly.

The document will end up looking like this:

Once your CSV file is ready, email it to Corey for uploading into the system.