Take Flight - Job Shadowing Program

Are you interested in learning more about a particular job or industry?

Are you wondering if you’re ready to commit to a job or internship in your field of interest?

The Take Flight – Job Shadowing Program is here for you!  

Take Flight is a job shadowing program spanning the course of one day to five days. It was created by the UNT Career Center 6 years ago in order to help UNT students explore different career paths. The program provides students with the opportunity to visit companies and organizations primarily in the DFW area to explore careers, network with professionals, and to learn about career options related to their major. This event is a stepping-stone for students to receive insight into their career field. Through this event, students can build connections to aid in their future career goals, such as internships and job placement after graduation. 

Take Flight programs are offered during the following time periods:
•    Spring Break
•    Winter Break
•    Certain Fridays throughout the Fall semester 

To sign up for Take Flight, go to Eagle Careers and click on the Events tab. Then click on the “Events and Workshops” tab, and search for Job Shadowing under Category.   

If you don’t see a job shadowing opportunity that matches your interests, please take the following questionnaire: 


*Please note, the Take Flight program is based on employer availability and only offered at certain times of the year. Certain times, employers, or particular programs may not be available.