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Career Center FAQ's

General Questions--Student

I forgot login information/password.

If you have the correct information regarding your account we can provide the login information. We can also provide a temporary password.

I can’t apply to jobs.

Make sure that all documents required have been uploaded to your documents folder.  There may be a requirement that you are not meeting. Common examples are GPA, grade level classification (fresh, soph, etc.), position is major/degree specific, or you’re missing a document.

The system won’t allow me to pick an interview time.

It could be that the student is trying to pick a time that is outside the scheduled time slots.  If the problem persists please contact our office.

The employer told me the career center would set the interview time for me.

This is not a true statement.  Log into the Eagle Network, locate your job, locate the employer schedule and select an interview time

I'm looking for a particular job post and it does not show up on the Eagle Network.

The job could be closed, or you do not meet the requirements.

How will I be notified if I obtained the position or not?

The employer will contact you either by phone or email to tell you the job is yours. 

How do I make an appointment with a Career Advisor?

You can book your appointment through your Handshake account.

If I am not a UNT student can I utilize the Career Center/Eagle Career job postings?

Unfortunately, our services are available to current UNT students and Alumni.  Once you have received an acceptance letter from the University, you may begin applying for jobs through our service.  If you are NOT planning on attending UNT you can check the job listings in the UNT Employment Department of Human Resources ( 

Can an International Student work off campus?

Please contact International Student & Scholar Services ( to see if your visa type allows you to work legally.

If a student is not registered for classes can they still use the Career Center?

As long as you have proof of acceptance to the university or have been enrolled within the past year, you are welcome to use our services.  If you are taking a semester off (summer) you are still eligible to apply.

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General Questions--Employer

I want to connect with student clubs/organizations.

You can reach out to the leaders directly.

Do you have any admissons or enrollment data for UNT?

Yes, you can view the current data here.

What is your third party recruiting policy?

You can read our recruiting policies here.

How can I post a job?

Handshake is the centralized online job listing portal accessed by UNT students and alumni users. Recruiters can post internships, full- and part-time jobs, and seasonal/temporary opportunities at no charge. You can follow the registration guide here.

How can I register to attend a career fair?

For more information about our career fairs, see our Career Fairs and Expos page. If you have an account in Eagle Careers powered by Handshake, you can access your account and register for the appropriate fair. You can follow a career fair guide .

How can I register to host an On-Campus Interview?

OCIs are requested through Handshake by clicking on "Request an Interview". Interview rooms are located on campus and are free of charge. You have several preselection and screening options, or you can choose to have an Open schedule, or a Rooms Only. Please contact Daisy Gillam with questions regarding on-campus interviewing. You can also request to have a Rooms Only interview the day following a career fair you're registered for. You would set your own schedule during the career fair and would interview these students in the Career Center offices the following day.

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Student Employment--Supervisor

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Job Posting

Do departments have to post all student employment positions?

Yes.  This is to ensure that the University of North Texas is following fair hiring practices and that all students are treated fairly in regards to employment. The Hiring Manager will post hourly student employment positions in the electronic recruitment system (Handshake), screen and select qualified applicants, and notify the selected applicants of an employment offer via email.

Why can’t I post a position in Handshake?

The most common reason is that the account is in inactive status, or the account is pending. Once you create an account, it may take up to 5 business days for approval as all new accounts are carefully vetted. Please contact the Career Center if you have any questions or concerns.

I forgot my Handshake login information. What should I do?

If the contact/employer can provide enough details and information about the account, the staff can provide the login information.

How do I close, reopen or extend a job?

Please contact the Career Center with the job title and we can do this over the phone or through email.  A position can be re-opened if it has been closed within 30 days.  

Why do I have to repost the position? Why can’t you just reopen it? (i.e., job closed 3 months ago)

If a position/Job has been CLOSED for longer than 30 days, a new job must be created. The easiest way is to use the copy/duplicate job option when you are reviewing the job.

Do I have to use the student employment application as one of the required documents for a position to post?

Yes, the minimum document requirement for each student to apply is a resume and employment application

How do I register on Handshake to post positions, advertise on campus, or attend career fairs?

Contact us via email or call us at 940-565-2105 and we will send you an employer guide

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Background Checks

Do all student employees have to have a criminal history check?

Yes.  Criminal history checks must be performed on all Hourly Student Employees in security-sensitive positions. UNT has deemed the entire university and it’s property as security-sensitive.

Can students begin working prior to a criminal history check?

NO.  The criminal history check must be cleared BEFORE the student’s first day of employment.  ePARS will be rejected or delayed if the criminal history check is not completed.

How long does a criminal history check take?

This process usually takes up to 72 hours but delays can be expected during peak demand season processing.

Do international students need to have criminal history check?


My student had criminal history check processed through UNT Risk Management. Do they need to complete one through the Career Center?

No, BUT the Career Center needs to be notified that this student has an existing criminal history check with Risk Management. Please attach the official authorization from Risk Management to the ePAR.

How can I find out if my student employee candidate already has a cleared criminal history check through the Career Center?

Contact our office either via phone or email.  940-565-2105 or

How long is a previously cleared criminal history check good for?

We maintain a database of cleared criminal history checks. Our database is audited by Texas DPS about once every three years. Once audited, all criminal history check forms are destroyed and the process starts over for all student employees. We will send out a communication with supervisors once an audit has been conducted. 

Who reviews criminal history check results to determine if a student is authorized for hire? 

The Career Center will notify the department of the students’ authorization to work.

If there are adverse results from a background check, is there an appeals process for the student?

Yes, the student may contact the Career Center and set up an appointment to appeal.

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Offer Letter

Do I have to provide an offer letter for student employee hires?

Yes.  The Hiring Manager will notify selected candidates of an employment offer via email. It should include start date, wage amount, and other pertinent information. The student candidate will reply to the email or sign that they have received it.  The supervisor will keep a copy of the offer letter for the student records.

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Hours Worked

Why can’t hourly student employees work as many hours as they would like?

UNT Policy 05.025 was adopted to respond to the Affordable Care Act requiring all employers to provide health benefits to employees working more than 30 hours per week. The university looked at payroll records, student employee work history and other factors to determine that 25 hours per week would be the maximum number of hours for hourly student employees. This number keeps UNT fiscally strong in response to the Act. Read more about this decision in the University of North Texas Hourly Student Employment Policy Statement.

What is the maximum number of hours a student can work?
  • College Work Study student employees are limited to 20 hours per week during the fall, spring and summer semesters, and up to 29 hours per week during the winter break only. They are still limited to 20 hours max during spring break.
  • Work Study students who have funds left on their spring award can continue to work up to May 31st
  • Hourly student employees are limited to 25 hours per week during the fall and spring semesters. They can work up to 40 hours per week during winter break and summer semester.  They are limited to 25 hours a week during Spring break.
  • Students graduating in spring these students can continue to work through the summer as student employee up to the day before the fall semester begins. 
  • Graduate research students may not work more than nineteen (19) hours per week.
  • Undergraduate research students are limited to 25 hours per week during fall and spring semester.  They can work up to 40 hours per week during the winter break and summer semester.  They are limited to 25 hours during spring break.
  • International students are subject to the terms and conditions of their visa/work authorization status and may not work more than a total of twenty (20) hours per week except as authorized by UNT Policy 05.010.  During Winter break and Summer IF the international student is NOT taking any classes (including online) they can work up to 40 hours per week. A graduating international student cannot continue to work their on-campus positions once their classes are complete unless they are enrolled in another program.

Other limitations may apply when combining different student employee work categories.

NOTE:  Policy clearly states that student employees shall not work during posted class times or test times even if the class was canceled or released early. This applies to summer classes as well.

Finals week schedule and semester class schedule:  When can the student work during finals?

The university must comply with posted beginning and end date on the class schedules and the university must also comply with final exam schedules.  The student may work anytime that does not conflict with a posted class or exam time.

Can the maximum 25 hours per week that hourly student employees are allowed to work be averaged over a pay period? 

NO.  The University of North Texas decided that the hourly student employees are to work no more than 25 hours per week.

If a student has an ON-CAMPUS internship do those hours affect how many hours a student can work at their ON-CAMPUS job.

Yes. Whether it's an internship or not, if it's an hourly student employment job code it's affected by the policy. 

Can hourly student employees (including work study, international, grad and undergrad research) work during class?

NO.  Student employees shall not work during posted class times or test times, even if class was canceled or released early.

Do student employees need to provide class schedules every semester to their hiring department or just when they are hired?

Every semester all student employees must provide a copy of their schedule to ensure they are not working during class and meet minimum enrollment requirements.  If the student has a schedule change, it is the student’s responsibility to notify their supervisor. The supervisor must keep a copy of the most updated class schedule.

What if hourly student employees go over the 25 hours per week because they trade shifts on our scheduling software?

Both the student and the supervisor will need to monitor shifts to ensure student employees do not exceed their maximum hours.  Both student and supervisor are responsible for policy compliance.

Is there an automated process to keep up with hourly student employee time?

Yes.  You can utilize Web clock or electronic payroll with success.  Regardless of the timekeeping method, it is the responsibility of the student and supervisor to ensure students do not exceed the number of hours worked each week. Contact the time and labor department to set up the online timekeeping process. WORK STUDY student employees – Financial Aid has a payroll template to assist supervisors in keeping track of hours and funds so that students do not run out of funds during the semester. 

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How much do we pay student employees?

Rate of pay:  Student employees must be paid at least minimum wage, but may receive a higher wage depending on qualifications and department restrictions.  Hiring managers must attach a justification in the form of an email, comment or letter to the applicant’s ePAR for pay rate over $15/hour for work study and for pay rate over $20/hour for all other hourly positions.

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Other Employment

Can a student have more than one job?

Yes.  The student can hold more than one job but cannot exceed 25 hours per week between the two jobs. This includes both work study and non-work study jobs.

Can a student who is working an on-campus job during the summer and is receiving a stipend from their current summer job accept another summer hourly position?

Yes as long as the student does not go over 40 hours between the two departments. 

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Do hourly student employees need to be enrolled in 3 credit hours during the summer to maintain employment?

No.  Hourly student employees do not have to be enrolled in summer classes but they need to be enrolled for 3 credit hours minimum in the spring or be registered for at least 3 credit hours in the fall.

What is the enrollment requirement for work study students to be eligible to work?

Work study students must be enrolled in 6 credit hours at any time they are working and can work up to 20 hours per week.  This includes fall, spring and summer.

If a non-work study hourly student employee is graduating in May can that student stay on through the summer?

Yes, but the student must be terminated or switched to a non-student hourly position with an ePAR before Day 1 of the fall semester.

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What happens if a department/supervisor deliberately/purposefully and continuously does not follow student employment policy?

The Career Center is authorized to audit Hourly Student Employee records to ensure compliance with this policy and applicable federal and state laws. Any Hiring Manager who fails to comply with any provision of this policy is subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination as outlined in UNT policies 05.033 and 06.025.

What is the break policy for student employees?

Break policies for student employees are at the supervisor’s discretion.  In accordance with the UNT policy 05.013 Human Resources Office and Working Hours.  Part time employees (student employees) are allowed a 15 minute rest break (on the clock) after four (4) continuous hours of work.  If a student works an eight hours shift, he/she is entitled to one (1) hour off the clock for lunch

Can you define what you mean by “long semesters” and “breaks” in the policy.

A long semester is the traditional 16 week academic semester which includes the week of final exams.  The break begins after the final exam week is over and the break ends once the new semester begins.  For example, winter break is the period of time that the students take off during the months of December/January between the fall and Spring Semester.

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What are the discipline and termination steps?

You should counsel the student first, explain that they agreed to the hours/terms of the student position and now cannot seem to commit to their obligation.  Has something happened that is preventing them from working their agreed upon hours/duties?  Is there something else going on that maybe the CARE team should be made aware of?

  1. Counsel/talk to the student to find out what’s going on and try to work it out. Make sure they understand they will have consequences if they continue missing shifts
  2. Verbal warning with understood consequences
  3. Written warning with consequences
  4. Termination is the last resort 

Always make a record of all 4 steps.

When should a termination ePAR be put in?

Per the Human Resources department the best practice is to put in the termination ePAR as soon as possible. 

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How often do hiring managers need to attend supervisor/student employee policy training?

Hiring Managers must attend mandatory training at least once every two (2) years, or if there has been a policy change.

Do student employees have to attend employment orientation?

Yes.  Hourly Student Employees must attend Hourly Student Employment Orientation within the first 30 days of employment. The Career Center will facilitate orientation sessions every month. The Career Center also has an online training available on the website. Training will include, but is not limited to, UNT policies on ethics, FERPA, nondiscrimination and sexual harassment, sexual assault, applicable employee-related insurance programs, and all other policies referenced in this policy. This orientation is paid time.

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Helpful Links to UNT Policy

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Student Employment--Student

Can a student work during a scheduled class time or test time?

No.  Students are not allowed to work during posted class times or test times, even if the class/exam lets out early or is cancelled.

How does on-campus employment work?

The Career Center lists a wide variety of on and off campus jobs.  Students may check the current listings for both jobs online on their Eagle Careers account, which requires setting up a profile and uploading documents (resume, etc).

Where is the student employment application?
  1. Go to the menu on the left and click resource library
  2. Click student employment – if appling for an on campus position
  3. Click student employment application
  4. Download, complete and save to your computer.Be sure to save it as a PDF document
  5. Click on My Account top left
  6. Click My Documents. This is the document manager.  You can add your resume, cover letter, employment application etc.
How do I apply for on-campus employment?

All on-campus jobs are listed on the Eagle Network Website. To access your account, log-on to MYUNT and then go to the Student Resources Tab. Click on Student Employment or Career Center.  You will need to fill out the Student Employment Application (located in the Resource Library) and a resume. You can then apply for each position (under search jobs).

How do I follow-up with the on-campus employer (that I applied to)?

You will need to go on the main UNT website – ; look up the department and call their number or visit their office. Make sure you are specific about the position you applied to. Make a note of which departments that DO NOT want the students to follow-up.

How many hours can a student employee work?
  • Work study employees are limited to 20 per week during the fall, spring and summer semesters, and up to 29 hours per week during the winter break only.  20 hours max during spring break
  • Hourly student employees are limited to 25 hours per week during the fall, spring semesters, and up to 40 hours per week during the winter break and summer semester.
  • Hourly graduate research students are limited to 19 hours per week, but if they also hold a salaried graduate research student position the total hours worked between the 2 positions cannot exceed 25 hours per week.   Held to the 19 hours per week during the summer and spring break
  • Hourly undergraduate research students are limited to 25 hours per week.  They can work up to 40 hours per week during the summer and winter break.
  • International students are generally allowed to work up to 20 hours per week (depending on the stipulations of their visa) this includes spring break.  They can work up to 40 hours/week during the summer IF they are not taking classes.
  • Other limitations may apply when combining different student employee work categories.
  • NOTE:  Policy clearly states that student employees shall not work during posted class times, or test times even if the class was canceled or had early release this includes summer classes.
How many jobs can a student look up/apply to?

Students can apply to as many jobs as they wish.

How can a student get college work study?

College work study is a need-based form of financial aid.  Contact the Financial Aid Office  if approved you must apply for college work study positions.

Does College Work Study Guarantee me a job?

No.  All student positions are filled on a competitive basis; if a student is diligent at applying for as many positions as they think they are qualified for, they should acquire employment on-campus.

How do students get paid?

Students are paid twice monthly.  Students can opt for direct deposit, or a brinks card (just like a debit card).  If you opt for the card please note that your first two or three checks will come in the form of a paper check.  After that the card will go into effect.

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