National Student Employment Week

In conjunction with the National Student Employment Association (NSEA), the Southern Association of Student Employment Administrators (SASEA), and hundreds of colleges and universities across the country, UNT celebrates National Student Employment Week during the second full week of April each year.

For 2019, National Student Employment Week will be celebrated the week of April 8th – 12th!  


Each year, one student employee will be selected as the Student Employee of the Year (SEOTY). At the ceremony, other exceptional student employees will also be recognized and honored. Please click the link here to nominate a student.

The UNT Student Employee of the Year has the potential to win recognition both locally and nationally:

  • Campus: UNT will have one Student Employee of the Year.
  • Regional: The UNT Student employee of the year will also be nominated for honors from the Southern Association of Student Employment Administrators (SASEA). The winner will receive a plaque, and the nominating office will also receive a certificate.
  • National: The UNT student employee of the year also has the potential to be the recipient of $1,000 presented by the National Student Employment Association (NSEA).

National Student Employment Week - 2018 Calendar of Events

Date Activity Descrtiption
8-Apr Make it Known Monday Departments will create the biggest, brightest, and most obnoxious thank you note, bulletin board, or billboard to honor their department's student workers. Departments will make it known who has the best student employees! Social Media also encouraged (with student's permission) to spotlight student workers and their accomplishments. 
9-Apr Tons of Puns Tuesday* Departments will give small gifts/ treats with cheesy notes such as a Bag of Lays with "You're all that and a bag of chips" or a Mountain Dew with "We don't know what we'd Dew without you!" Student employees are also invited to "Pop over for popcorn" in Chestnut Hall, room 120 for popcorn, games, and a movie from 1:00 - 3:00 PM (Come and Go style). 
*Click here for a list of suggested puns
10-Apr Whatever Awards Wednesday* Not sure who will win SEOTY? No problem. Departments will host their own ceremony or pass out certificates with whatever awards they can come up with: Mission Impossible Award for Accomplishing the Impossible, Carpe Diem Award for making the most of every day, or High School Musical Award for most likely to burst into song.
*Click here for a list of suggested awards
    Students that are not currently employed on-campus are invited to "Finding an On-Campus Job" in Chestnut 120 from 3:00 - 4:00PM.
11-Apr SEOTY Reception All student workers and their supervisors are invited to attend. There will be free food, jazz music, a guest speaker, and awards. The UNT Student Employee of the Year will be named. Reception will be held from 1:00 -4:00 in Union 314 with awards from 2:00 - 3:00. 
12-Apr Festive Friday Food, games, and fun. Departments will celebrate the end of National Student Employment Week with all sorts of festivities. Departments may choose to take their students out for lunch to an on-campus dining facility, go get Scrappy's Ice Cream, or maybe order in pizza for the department. Departments may choose to set up board games and card games. End the week in style with festivities.  
Optional Departmental Ideas Create a Student Worker Wall with photos and bio's
  Turn an office into a game room and have games and snacks available for student workers
  Spotlight student's in the departmental newsletter
  Take a staff photo and give a staff picture and frame to each student worker
  Use social media outlets to spotlight a different Student Employee each day (with student's permission)
  Provide donuts, ice cream, and/or Pizza
All Week Feel free to do additonal activities or pick and choose from the list above. Send stories and pictures of all of the week's events to