Supervisor's Guide

University of North Texas
Hourly Student Employment Policy Statement
November 1, 2017
UNT Career Center

Hello Supervisors,

Thank you for taking the time to invest in student employees. You help us employ over 5,000 students each semester which in turn contributes to the overall success of UNT! Our desire is to continue to grow and enrich our student employment program as well as our Eagle Internship program.

To assist you in managing, training, and investing in your UNT student employees, we have provided essential information for you here. If you would like further clarification or if you have any other questions please reach out to the Career Center – Student Employment office.

Student Employment Policy



Student Employment College Work-Study (05.201)(Federal, State, & Institutional/Emerald Eagle)


Policy Trainings

Student Employment Policy Overview for Supervisors


College Work Study


Forms and Tools

Offer Letter Template


Criminal History Background Check


Job Code Reference Guide



Time Reporting and Approval

ePAR Information, Online EIS, and Time & Labor Trainings

Special Services & Programs 

  • Send your student employees to one of our trainings such as Customer Service training: Creating A Servant Attitude (C.A.S.A.). 
  • Schedule a one-on-one consultation with the career center- student employment office.
  • Request a training be done for supervisors on a variety of topics such as general supervision, interviewing and hiring information, forms and procedures associated with posting a job, giving feedback, or anything else that you may need! 
  • Send your student employees to a career advisor to discuss their future plans.
  • For a full view of services offered by all areas of the Career Center, please click here.

Student Employee Performance Evaluation

The UNT Career Center encourages all supervisors of hourly student employees to conduct regular evaluations. Please keep copies of evaluations in the student personnel file within your department. 
If your student is involved in a Career Connect program (i.e., Eagle Internship Program), please complete the Career Connect Evaluation at the end of each semester. If your student employee is not part of a Career Connect program, we recommend that you use this evaluation.

Student Employment Hiring Process

Click here for a view of the Student Employment Hiring Process.

Contacts and Resources

  • College Work Study Reference Manual is available from Student Financial Aid and Scholarships - College Work Study office (x3918).
  • Student employment and supervisor trainings - Career Center (x2105).
  • Working with international students - International Student and Scholar office (x2195).
  • Questions concerning employment situations - Student Employment (x2105).
  • Questions concerning student onboarding - Business Service Center (x5500).
  • Questions concerning equal employment - Office of Equity and Diversity (x2456).
  • Questions regarding disabilities - Disability Accommodation (x4323).