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Career Assessment 

Job seekers can assess their interests, values, and temperaments on-line to provide a better understanding of occupations that match them and also help in making their "major"career decision.

Employers By Major — Not sure who hires people in a particular major? This list of employers will help you get a better feel for career opportunities. You can search by state and regionally, as well. This list is provided by Buzzfile.

My Plan — A computer based test that helps students make well-informed decisions about their careers. can help you explore options and bring clarity and insight into figuring out what's best for you. With dozens of easy-to-use tools, makes getting to that information convenient, simple and fun.

Counseling & Testing Center — Further assessments are available along with individual career counseling. Online assessments in no way replaces the one-on-one counseling provided by Counseling & Testing.

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Explore Majors and Careers