University of North Texas

Division of Student Affairs

Eagle Internship Program

Designed to contribute to the well-rounded student learning experience, this program is for on-campus student employees that seek opportunities for professional development, personal growth, and campus engagement. Students may also use this program for academic credit (subject to requirements of major/ college).



  • Students must be enrolled full-time and be in good standing with the University
  • Have at least a 2.2 cumulative GPA (Undergrads) and a 3.0 cumulative GPA (Grad students)
    • Requirement waived for first year and transfer students
  • Students must meet all on-campus, hourly student employee hiring requirements (must be paid).
  • Internship must last for a minimum of 10 weeks

Program Requirements

  • Students must complete Eagle Internship Training
  • Students must meet additional expectations/ requirements of their supervisor and department
  • Students must successfully complete 30 credits from the list below (Professional and Personal)
Professional Development

Credits (30 Possible)

Join the EIP E-Community and complete EIP Project Template (10 Cr)
Attend a UNT Career Fair (5 Cr)
Meet with a Career Development Specialist for topic of student’s choice: Resume review, career exploration, interview tips, mock interview, etc. (5 Cr)
Attend a professional development workshop hosted by your college (degree specific) (4 Cr)
Participate in a Career Center program, workshop, or event (3 Cr)
Attend a Student Employment Training (CASA or Soft Skills) (3 Cr)
Personal Growth

Credits (25 Possible)

Attend a coaching session with the Student Money Management Center to discuss career-specific financial issues: deconstructing a job offer, benefits/ 401(k), gross v. net pay, your first paycheck, cost of living calculations, transition money plan, etc. (5 Cr)
Create an account and peruse EAP Benefits (AWP) (1 Cr)
Learn something new just for fun (photography class, cooking class, painting class) (1 Cr)
Attend 3 meetings for Spiritual Life (Gardening, Meditation, or Interfaith Dialogues)  (2 Cr)
Attend an Office of Spiritual Life special speaker event (1 Cr)
Participate in a group exercise class at least 5 times at the UNT Rec Center (2 Cr)
Engage in 3 different activities at the UNT Rec Center (volleyball, basketball, soccer, weights, swimming, climbing, racquetball, tennis, badminton, group exercise) (2 Cr)
Participate in an Adventure Trip hosted by UNT Rec Sports (limited spots available) (2 Cr)
Participate in a Center for Leadership and Service day of service event (3 Cr)
Attend the Volunteer Fair (3 Cr)
Lead/ facilitate a staff meeting or student organization meeting (1 Cr)
Participate in a Center for Leadership and Service Leadership event: Leadership Lunches, Emerging Leaders, Leadership conference, ASB Site leader (2 Cr)

UNT Departments

Requirements for Hosting UNT Office:

  • Students and offices are committing to a paid, 10-week program at minimum, i.e. full semester; with options to extend internship assignment for a second semester term 
  • Interns must be paid 
  • Wages CAN BE work-study 
  • Work assignments should be aligned with the intern’s learning outcomes and career goals 
  • Encourage interns to take part in meetings and real-world job experiences 
  • Complete Career Connect Evaluation at the end of the semester (if applicable)
  • Attend the Career Connect Evaluation training (if applicable)
  • Complete survey (end of semester) about the Eagle Internship Program process
  • Not required but encouraged: Complete a mid-term and final employee evaluation, and keep in student’s file 

For more information about the Eagle Internship Program, please call the Career Center Student Employment Office at 940-565-2105 or email us at 

Eagle Internship Program