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On-Campus Student Employment

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Before you can start working and be put on payroll, you must be able to complete the I9 form. As part of the I9 form, you must be able to provide the original document (no faxes or copies) of 2 forms on the List Of Acceptable Documents I9 form (pdf). You must provide the original document of one item on LIST A OR LIST B AND one item from LIST C. It is your choice of which document you present.

All positions are posted on the Eagle Careers website, job posting database for UNT students and alumni. The Career Center lists employment openings on-campus in areas, such as Recreational Sports, Union, Libraries, Cafeterias, Residence Halls, Academic Offices, Computer Labs and Student Affair Offices, etc. Departments at UNT make a special effort to hire currently enrolled students. More than 3,800 students are employed on campus. Often departments are willing to arrange a student's work schedule around their class schedule.

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Phone: 940-565-2105

College Work Study Jobs 

College Work Study jobs are those that are partially funded by the state or federal government. College Work Study is a "need-based" aid and the student is awarded a maximum amount of money to earn.

To be awarded College Work Study, a student must apply for financial aid through the FAFSA and indicate his/her preference for College Work Study on the FAFSA form. In order to apply for a college work study position, students must have received a college work study award through the Financial Aid Office.

Regular Hourly Jobs 

Regular Hourly positions are open to all UNT students. Students not qualified for Financial Aid can apply for these positions.

Student Employment Eligibility 

  • General student employees should either be full-time students at UNT or should show evidence that they are actively pursuing academic work leading to a degree or certification.
  • A continuing student who has not enrolled in the current or most recent long semester (Fall/Spring), must resume regular enrollment in the next long semester (Fall/Spring) to continue general student employment.

Access to Eagle Careers 

To access Eagle Careers, please go through the following steps to set up a new user account:

  • Visit Eagle Careers.
  • Click on Click Here to Register.
  • Complete your profile and upload your resume.

Application Process for Student Employment 

To apply for an on-campus position (College Work Study or Non-College Work Study), you must submit an application and resume through Eagle Careers. Please follow the steps below:

  • Go here to access the Student Employment Application will appear.
  • Save the document to your computer (desktop, disc, jump drive) and fill out the application.
  • Log into Eagle Careers. Once logged in, your name should be displayed in the upper right.  Click on your name, click on “Documents”, and then click on “Add New Document”. This is where you will upload your resume and cover letter. You will add your student employment application under “Other Documents”
  • You are now ready to start applying for on-campus jobs.
  • To search for positions, click on the 'Jobs" tab at the top of the page. 
  • Under the Job Type, choose On Campus Student Employment. Work Study jobs will be indicated in the job title and/ or in the job description.
  • This will pull up all of the positions. Click on the Job Title to see more information about each position.
  • The department will then have your application and resume. Sometimes it can take up to two weeks before you get a response from an on-campus employer. The department will contact you, if they are interested in setting up an interview.

Resumes and Cover Letter 

When applying for on-campus positions, you should prepare a resume. To help you prepare your resume, please refer to our Resumes section. You can attend resume seminars, to assist you with your resume. Resume seminars are offered at various days and times (see Events). Students can also sign up for Career Advising appointments for resume assistance by calling (940) 565-2105.

Some positions will require a cover letter. The Career Center has a Cover Letters section with samples for on-campus positions online and in our office (Chestnut Hall, Suite 103). Students can also sign up for Career Advising appointments for cover letter assistance by calling (940) 565-2105.

Tips & Suggestions/Recommendations for On-campus Employment Job Search 

  1. Apply for multiple job postings (minimum of 20-25 jobs).
  2. Follow up after applying (3-5 days afterwards).
  3. Search for jobs daily and respond quickly to positions that you are interested in (even check on the website a couple times during the day).
  4. Set up a Job Agent on the Eagle Careers. The Job Agent is located on the Eagle Careers, at the top of the page when you log-in. The Job Agent will send emails to you, when a position meets the criteria that you set.
  5. Make sure to fill out the student application completely and upload a resume. (follow application procedures).
  6. Have a Career Center Advisor look at your resume.
  7. Practice Interviewing in the Career Center.
  8. Dress professionally for the interview.
  9. If you go in person to the department, show enthusiasm and friendliness to everyone in the office.
  10. Keep track of your applications using the Job Search Log (pdf).
  11. Show the department as much availability as possible in your schedule. It is helpful for students to schedule classes to accommodate a consistent work schedule. Creating blocks of time for work, such as 8:00am-12:00pm or 1:00-5:00pm, is best, as many departments prefer students to work for a minimum three-hour block of time.

Off-Campus Employment Information 

The Career Center lists off-campus positions for Denton, Dallas, Fort Worth, and the surrounding Metroplex area. Positions are categorized under office, general labor, food service, computer-related, retail/sales, and human services.

We hold off-campus job fairs in the fall and spring semester. For more information, see Events.

We hold a Summer Camp Day Job Fair in the spring semester.

Customer Service Training 

C.A.S.A. (Creating A Service Attitude) is a training program designed to help on campus student employees improve their customer service skills and support the Service Advantage vision:

"We strive to create a nurturing community where employees exhibit pride and excitement about UNT and about serving others."

For more information, see C.A.S.A. customer service training.

Student Employee Complaints 

Student employees should be made to feel that they can always go to their supervisor with work related problems. The first step for a student employee with a complaint must be the immediate supervisor. If student employees feel that they cannot discuss a matter with their immediate supervisor, student employees should take their concerns to his/her supervisor.

The Career Center is another resource for student employees with complaints. The Career Center will talk with the student and give him/her University policy information concerning formal complaints. At that time the student employee will need to follow the procedures described in policy 1.7.2 and/or 1.7.5.

In cases where the Career Center believes that discrimination and/or unfair treatment has occurred, the student will be advised to contact the Office of Equity and Diversity for further investigation.

Frequently Asked Questions 

(see Frequently Asked Questions)