Join a Committee


Eaglethon’s success relies on passionate members who help with event planning and execution, fundraising, recruitment, and other programming throughout the year leading up to the main event.

Committee meets Tuesdays from 5-6 PM virtually! 

Eaglethon Committee Application

General Committee

Members are really the bread and butter of Eaglethon because they allow all the programs we put on for the kids to be possible. These individuals have the most scheduling flexibility but are responsible for attending all meetings and events as needed. Great for go-getters that love active volunteer work and having fun!

Morale Team

The Morale team is a sub-committee of the general committee. These individuals are responsible for maintaining energy and optimism during the year and especially during the main event. Morale team are the cheerleaders for Eaglethon and may be asked to perform at things such Yell Like Hell, Tailgates, and miscellaneous philanthropy events.

Practices will be held before, during, or after general meeting so there is a slight time commitment. Great for energetic spunky individuals who aren’t afraid to preform and show their passion for the kids.

Want to be a leader on one of the Eaglethon committees to help with dancer relations, morale, or be part of the crew? Email us at