2020 Session of the Instutite has been canceled

The LeaderShape Institute at UNT is open to freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and non-graduating seniors who are interested in producing extraordinary results while also developing a commitment to lead with a high level of integrity.

What is LeaderShape?

LeaderShape is a unique opportunity for UNT students to build relationships across campus and focus on developing a personal vision and understanding of leadership. Each student who participates in LeaderShape is encouraged to embrace “a healthy disregard for the impossible” and to create a vision of something that he or she would like to see developed, changed or improved in his or her campus or community. Upon returning to campus after completing LeaderShape, participants continue to work toward making their visions become realities. Piloting 2020 LeaderShape will be a 4 day experience for UNT students!

How do I apply?

Step 1: Click HERE for the link to complete the LeaderShape profile.

Step 2: Complete the application with thoughtful responses to the questions. Please note that you can save your application and come back to your questions if needed. Just be sure to complete all responses by the application deadline.

Step 3: Click the submit button and be on the lookout for an email regarding your application status from the Center for Leadership and Service.

Need More Information or have Questions?

Please email UNT LeaderShape Program Coordinator, Latrice Moore at Latrice.moore@unt.edu or On-site Coordinator, Kristine Cross at Kristine.Cross@unt.edu