Collegiate Panhellenic Council

Panhellenic Recruitment Team

The Panhellenic Recruitment Team are comprised of Rho Gammas and the Logistics Team. Rho Gammas are Panhellenic sorority women who remove themselves from their chapters for the purposes of Panhellenic Recruitment, otherwise known as dissociation, so they can serve as a guide for women wishing to join a Panhellenic Chapter. These women will be dissociated all summer and work together for the good of Panhellenic overall. They serve as a listener, role model, cheerleader, coach, and friend to the potential new members as they go through the Panhellenic recruitment process.

Logistics Team members often have many of the same duties as Rho Gammas during the formal recruitment process, but they do more work behind the scenes. They are in charge of creating and managing the marketing materials for Panhellenic recruitment, managing all of the information concerning the young women who sign up for recruitment, and serving as a liaison between the young women going through recruitment, the Rho Gammas, the Panhellenic executive board, and the Panhellenic Coordinator. Regardless, if you have any questions, both the Rho Gammas and the Logistics Team can help!

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