Multicultural Greek Council (MGC)

Our Chapters

Delta Kappa Delta Sorority, Inc.

Chapter: Theta
Founded nationally: Texas A&M University, 1999
Founded at UNT: September 2, 2011
Colors: Violet, Black, and Silver
Nickname: DKD
Motto: “I slept and dreamt that life was joy, I awoke and saw that life was service, I acted, and behold, service was joy.”
Philanthropy: Child Abuse Awareness and Prevention
International Website:

Gamma Phi Omega International Sorority, Inc.

Founded nationally: Indiana University, 1991
Founded at UNT:
Colors: Maroon and Navy Blue
Nickname: GPhiO
Motto: Unity and Sisterhood, Now and Forever, One and Inseparable
Philanthropy: American Diabetes Association
National Website:

Delta Phi Omega Sorority, Inc.

Chapter: Denton Colony
Founded nationally: University of Houston, 1998
Founded at UNT: August 28, 2004
Colors: Red, Black, and Silver
Nickname: D-Phi-O and DPO
Motto: “We Dreamt, We Saw, We Conquered”
Philanthropy: Child Education & Literacy
International Website:

Delta Epsilon Psi, Fraternity, Inc.

Chapter: Alpha Lambda
Founded nationally: University of Texas, 1998
Founded at UNT: 2014
Colors: Navy Blue and Silver
Nickname: D-Psi
Motto: “In Brotherhood Lies Our Strength”
Philanthropy: American Diabetes Association
International Website:

Kappa Delta Chi Sorority, Inc.

Chapter: Alpha Upsilon
Founded nationally: Texas Tech University, 1987
Founded at UNT: 2002
Colors: Pink and Maroon
Nickname: K-D-Chi
Motto: “Leading with Integrity, Uniting with Service”
Philanthropy: American Cancer Society
International Website:

Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority, Inc.

Chapter: Beta Mu
Founded nationally: Kean University, 1975
Founded at UNT: 2000
Colors: Burgundy and Grey
Nickname: Lambda Ladies, LTA
Motto: “Unity, Love, and Respect”
Philanthropy: St. Judes
International Website:

Lambda Theta Phi Fraternity, Inc.

Chapter: Alpha Tau
Founded nationally: Kean College, 1975
Founded at UNT: April 5, 1998
Colors: Brown and White
Nickname: Lambdas
Motto: “Chivalry Above Self”
Philanthropy: American Heart Association
International Website:

Omega Delta Phi Fraternity, Inc.

Chapter: Alpha Chi
Founded nationally: Texas Tech University, 1987
Founded at UNT: November 15, 2008
Colors: Scarlet and Silver
Nickname: O-D-Phi
Motto: “Crescit Eundo- It grows as it goes”
Philanthropy: CASA
International Website:

Phi Iota Alpha Fraternity, Inc.

Chapter: Alpha Nu
Founded nationally: Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, 1931
Founded at UNT: 2005
Colors: Gold, Navy Blue, Red, and White
Nickname: Phiota
Motto: “Semper Parati, Semper Juncti”
Philanthropy: UNICEF
International Website:

Sigma Lambda Beta International Fraternity

Chapter: Theta Beta
Founded nationally: The University of Iowa, 1986
Founded at UNT: April 29, 2001
Colors: Royal Purple and Pure White
Nickname: Lambda Betas, Betas
Motto: “Opportunity for Wisdom, Wisdom for Culture”
Philanthropy: Victor Correa CPR Awareness Day, Change for Change
International Website:

Sigma Lambda Gamma Sorority, Inc.

Chapter: Rho Beta
Founded nationally: The University of Iowa, 1990
Founded at UNT: February 22, 2003
Colors: Purple Panther
Nickname: Gammas, SLG
Motto: “Culture is Pride, Pride is Success”
Philanthropy: Breast Cancer Awareness, TRIO Programs
International Website:



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