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Federal Resumes

Include your contact information at the top.  Your name should be in all caps and in bold 14-18pt font. Use a professional email address that has your name in it.  If you don’t have one, create one!

Include your Citizenship status, your Security Clearance status, Veterans Preference, and the Job Announcement Number, Title, and Paygrade. On subsequent pages, include name and Announcement information, as well as the page number up in the header.


Always obtain a copy of the full Vacancy Announcement for each position you apply to. Pull out important skills from the Qualifications of Requirements section and include 2-3 statements that demonstrate your experience.


The federal resume requires much more detail for each position. You must clearly communicate your experience utilizing the required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (KSAs) from the job posting.  Focus on the mission of the agency and tailor your resume to that target.  Include all relevant positions in reverse chronological order.  For each position, include the following information: job title, company name, location city, state, and zip, your hours worked per week, salary (annual or hourly), starting and ending month and year, supervisor name and contact phone number, permission to contact the supervisor.  If you do not wish for an employer to contact the supervisor, it is okay to put “Contact after hire” and to not include a phone number.

Include a 4-5 sentence paragraph with a description of the position. Italicize entire section

List each KSA from job posting and include accomplishments, details, and key works that demonstrate each required skill.  Begin each statement with an action verb.  List current responsibilities in present tense first, then list past responsibilities in past tense.

Veterans should list your job title, MOS, and rank your office or program, your base name, city, state, and country, starting and ending month and year, and supervisor’s name and contact info, if you have this. In addition, your SMART transcript (this will contain your military training, certifications), education that is not on the SMART transcript (name of college, number of hours), list of awards and honors, and fitness evaluations for the past 10 years.  Do not use military jargon or occupational codes.


Include all degrees obtained in reverse chronological order.  Include name, city, and state of university and month/year of graduation.  Only list GPA if a 3.0 or above. Also include name, city, and state of high school and the date of graduation.  This is also where you would include any relevant coursework, as well as study abroad opportunities that could help you show knowledge, skills, and abilities for the position.


The following sections are optional.  You can include any or all of these sections if you have experience that you would like to highlight:


Include any awards you have received, including Employee of the Month. List in reverse chronological order of receipt.


Include name, number, and effective dates of each certification.  List in reverse chronological order of receipt.  Whenever you get a certification, scan it and save it as a PDF file so you have documentation. 


Include the name and date of any trainings, conferences, or continuing education class that are relevant to the knowledge, skills, and abilities for the position.  List in reverse chronological order of receipt.  Whenever you get a certificate of completion, scan it and save it as a PDF file so you have documentation.


List any computer programs, operating systems, databases, networks, or web applications that you have experience with.


List name of any associations or organizations you are involved with, as well as the dates you have been or were an active member.


Include company name, location city, state, and zip, and starting and ending month and year of any volunteer experience you have.


  • Your federal resume will average 2-5 pages.
  • Use Times New Roman or Arial font.
  • Use 10-11pt font size for text, section headings should be 12-13pt and should be bold all caps.
  • Margins are 1-1.25 inch.
  • Be careful not to leave a single word on a line by itself.
  • Use consistency throughout the document.
  • Do not use pronouns.
  • Do not use complete sentences.
  • Do not include hobbies or interests. 
  • Do not include any information about age, ethnicity, or religious affiliations.
  • Only use acronyms if you first spell out what it stands for and then put the acronym in parenthesis.
  • Convert all Word documents into PDF files before uploading to a website or email.
  • If asked to copy and paste resume into a text box, convert file into a text document to avoid formatting changes.
  • If printing out resume, use good quality paper, usually called linen, wove, or laid, that is 100% recycled or 25% cotton bond in light ivory or bright white.

Still Confused?

The following websites can be used as guiding tools: