Lauren Piepenburg

Position Title: 
Graduate Assistant
Lauren is a second-year graduate student in the Higher Education Student Affairs cohort here at UNT. Originally from Colorado, she graduated from Texas Tech University where she earned a B.S. in Animal Science. As an undergraduate student, she was involved in undergraduate admissions, college recruitment, and new student orientation which is where she developed her passion for student affairs. Lauren is excited to be a part of the Student Activities team and to get to work with student organizations and organization officers this year. She is passionate about welcoming students to UNT and helping them develop into leaders both on- and off-campus. Lauren’s why for working in student affairs centers around her commitment to diversity and making meaningful connections with her students. When she isn’t working with her students and the teams, Lauren enjoys spending time with her friends, family, and dogs exploring the DFW area, and visiting her family and dogs!