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Tracie O'Neal

North Texas Cheer
Head Coach

Tracie is an alum of UNT completing her BBA in Marketing in 1999 and her M.Ed in 2003. She spent eight years coaching at John Horn High School in Mesquite where she achieved many years of success. Tracie was awarded the coveted NCA Texas High School Cheer Coach of the Year award from NCA in 2008, but attributes all of her success to her teams. Tracie is currently the National Sales Director for, but her favorite role is being a mom. She has two sons, Kaden and Cooper, that are very involved in sports. Tracie is excited to start a new era of North Texas Cheer that is geared towards making an impact in the new Mean Green stadium, cherishing past NTC traditions, making new traditions, and developing a program that the University of North Texas can be proud of!