Making an Initial Appointment

The Process:

1. Contact CTS by calling (940-565-2741) or coming by the office at Chestnut Hall Suite 311.
2. Evaluate which service best fits your needs through one of the four levels of consultation appointments, or tell us if you are interested in Couple's Counseling, Therapy-Assisted Online, Group Counseling, or Workshops. We understand your situation is unique, cannot be fully described and that a feeling of emergency or crisis is defined by you. In our effort to best serve each student, we will respond according to your description of your consultation need. When you call or come in for your consultation appointment you will be asked to indicate the level of appointment you are seeking (see levels below):
3. If at a level 3 or 4 please note that it is important that you arrive 30 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time to complete necessary paperwork, if informed to do so.  If you arrive less than 20 minutes prior, your appointment will need to be rescheduled.
**Please note, we are unable to provide any mandated services, other than those mandated by the Dean of Students.**  
This level is for students experiencing a crisis and in need of an immediate consultation with a clinician.
  • I am concerned about my ability to keep myself safe.
  • I have a current plan to attempt suicide.
  • I have taken recent steps to end my life.
  • I may physically hurt someone else.
  • I have a strong desire to harm someone else.
  • I have been referred by the Dean of Students because I or they are concerned about my ability to keep myself safe. 
This level is for students experiencing significant distress or psychological difficulties in need of an urgent consultation with a clinician.
  • Someone close has recently received a serious diagnosis or died.
  • I have recently been physically or sexually assaulted.
  • I am hearing voices or seeing things other people do not.
  • I have recently been discharged from a psychiatric hospital and need help finding follow-up care in the community.
  • I am in such emotional distress, that I have not been able to meet my daily responsibilities (missing work, classes, medication, etc.), and I am in need of immediate help
  • I have been referred by the Dean of Student to help me find follow-up care in the community.
This is the most common level of need for students seeking counseling center services. Common concerns bringing students to an ICON include, but are not limited to:
  • I am experiencing anxiety and/or stress.
  • I feel depressed and/or have low mood/energy.
  • I am concerned about my alcohol and/or drug use.
  • I am having difficulty adjusting to a recent change.
  • I am having a relationship(s) problems.
  • I am unsure about something significant in my future.
  • I have been referred by the Deans of Students for behavioral, academic, or personal issues not putting me at immediate risk for safety. 
ICONs are appointments that will occur within seven days of when you speak with a CTS front desk staff via phone or in person. Upon arrival, you will provide basic information and meet with a clinician for approximately 15-20 minutes to decide how CTS can best meet your needs.  Various services may be recommended and scheduled including brief individual, group, or couples counseling, or workshops.  Or you may be referred to an appropriate campus or community resource. 
If you are unsure about your need for or are not interested at this time in on-going counseling at CTS, but want assistance for the following reasons please indicate the reason for the appointment when you call:
  • I have a specific emotional concern or question that can probably be resolved in a single appointment.
  • I need to make a major decision in the next 2-3 days.
  • I am concerned about someone else (a friend, roommate, etc.).
  • I am seeking a referral for medication or counseling elsewhere.