Counseling Diverse Students

The Program for Counseling Diverse Students provides specialized counseling and wellness programming to students who identify as BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color). We aim to focus on the safety and wellness of UNT’s BIPOC students through counseling, crisis intervention, training, and community engagement.  


Student Advisory Board (SAB)

  • Mission

    CTS' BIPOC Mental Health Student Advisory Board will consist of a community of diverse undergraduate and graduate students who serve as consultants to Counseling and Testing’s Program for Counseling Diverse Students. With a focus on BIPOC Mental Health, the Advisory Board will have the opportunity to share how CTS can engage in different ways with the student body, further promote mental health services, and better serve the student community. In addition, the Advisory Board will:   

    • Provide student perspectives on CTS policies and procedures  

    • Promote CTS services and mission  

    • Increase mental health literacy among BIPOC student community  

    • Reduce stigma associated with mental health and help seeking  

    • Foster a supportive and informed campus culture for issues related to mental health and wellness  

  • Eligibility
    • Be a current undergraduate or graduate student, in good standing, at UNT.   

    • Identify as a BIPOC Student   

    • Complete application and interview by deadline   

  • Responsibilities
    •  Attend monthly meetings for one academic year (dates TBD)  

    • Be open to learning about and become familiar with CTS services and procedures  

    • Be willing to share perspectives on mental health issues that affect the UNT BIPOC student body  

    • Participate in at least 2 CTS sponsored events or outreaches each semester  

    • Participate or coordinate at least 2 social media postings each semester.  

  • How To Apply

    Applications for 2022-2023 BIPOC Mental Health Student Advisory Board are open! Please click on the link below to submit the form. Submissions are due Friday, September 30th at 5PM. Please contact for any questions.

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