Group Counseling and Workshops

  • Working on issues within a group setting can be a highly supportive and productive way to address personal concerns.  Students who share common concerns meet weekly or as-needed as a group with one or more clinicians to explore a specific topic and develop coping skills.  Group offerings vary each semester and lists are updated a few weeks before the semester begins

  • CTS offers both weekly workshops and by-appointment groups.  If a group is indicated as a drop-in group, students can attend group sessions weekly or on an as-needed basis without an appointment (student will be registered upon attending or if calling in prior).  If a group is indicated as a group in which an informational appointment is needed, an individual must schedule an information appointment prior to attending the group to determine if the group will be able to meet their needs.  By-appointment groups require a weekly commitment.

  • Please see our group list to determine if any groups would fit you. If a drop-in group feels appropriate, feel free to “drop-in” a few minutes prior to the start of the group; if you are experiencing suicidal ideation, please call CTS at 940-565-2741. If a group requiring an informational appointment feels beneficial, please call CTS at 940-565-2741 and ask to schedule a group screening for the particular group.

Weekly Workshops

Due to COVID-19 all groups and workshops will be online via TAO. 

For those signed up for closed groups, you will be contacted by your group leader concerning scheduling. 

If you are interested in joining us for any of the workshops listed below please email us at using your UNT email and we will send you a workshop link.   


Vets Connect

Thurs. 1-2PM


 The transition from the demands of military life to university life is sometimes confusing and can create a significant amount of stress. This group gives Veterans space to genuinely connect with and support one another.

Crochet Workshop

Check back in Fall 2020!


Students will have the opportunity to learn to crochet, complete crochet/knit projects, and connect with peers. Materials supplied and no experience necessary!

Express Yourself! Art Therapy

Check back in Fall 2020!

Express Yourself! is a safe space to explore and express feelings, manage stress and anxiety, and
explore new art materials. Each week a different media will be presented with an intervention designed to
facilitate expression, relaxation or just for fun. Focusing on the process of art-making, as opposed to
the end product is encouraged to challenge perfectionist tendencies and practice mindfulness.

Defense Against Dark Thoughts

Check back in Fall 2020!

Join us as we explore common issues among Muggles and Wizards alike including loneliness, the pressure to
be perfect, and self-doubt. Discussions and activities based on the Harry Potter Series will help you find
your own Patronus to guide you through difficult thoughts and feelings!

Plus Ultra

Check back in Fall 2020!

Join us to explore different themes of anger, relationships, finding mentors and figuring out what it means to
be a hero. Let’s connect through watching different episodes of My Hero Academia with discussions following
about different themes that everyone can relate to. All the students welcome!

KindNESS Mondays

Canceled due to COVID-19


 It’s been said that 'Mondays are the worst'
until now! This group is an open workshop
to focus on ways to spread kindness, joy,
and acceptance. Snacks will be provided as
we work together to promote messages of
overall happiness and wellness on campus.


R.A Chats


Check back in Fall 2020!


An open space specifically for Resident
Assistants to drop by individually or in groups
for consultation regarding the specific pressure,
stressors, and nature of the R.A. position in a
confidential space.


Bridging The Gap


Closed Group - Check back in Fall 2020

This group will offer a safe space for
students to explore issues associated with
growing up and/or living in the US with
parents or other family members who
grew up and/or live in another country.
Students will discuss how to express true
self, setting healthy boundaries while
maintaining respect, and understanding
toward those with different cultures.

Dating for Adults with ASD

Canceled- Due to COVID-19


 Dating is not easy for anyone, whether or not you
have Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). However,
neurodiverse adults often face more obstacles in
dating than their neurotypically developing peers.
This group will explore strategies in building
relationships, communication skills to maintain
relationships. and appropriate boundaries with

Invincible Black Woman


Closed Group- Check back in Fall 2020

The Invincible Black women group is a 9-week interpersonal process group comprised of 6-8 Black women (undergraduate or graduate). The group is designed to promote self- and sociocultural-awareness, connection with culturally similar others, and utilization of wellness strategies in Black college women.

Mindfulness Workshop

Check back in Fall 2020!


This workshop will offer students the opportunity to learn skills to help focus their attention on the task at hand, unhook from unhelpful thoughts, make room for painful emotions, and enhance the satisfaction of enjoyable and pleasurable experiences. 

International Student Workshop

ONLINE Thursday 1-2 

Discuss ways to identify stress in your life. Explore strategies to help manage stress.


Let's Talk 

Check back in Fall 2020!

“Let’s Talk” is a program that brings licensed therapists to the UNT residence halls for easy access to informal and confidential consultations.

 Let's Talk Online. Wednesdays 1-2 pm through Zoom.


Anxiety and Adjustment in The Age of COVID-19 




Discuss student's concerns about COVID-19, isolation issues, adjusting to online classes, and grief surrounding the virus

Roleplay Gaming Group




A D&D-esque roleplay where you create

your own character and partake in an

imaginative adventure. By playing the

game students will have the chance to

build relationships, bolster confidence,

and learn a new coping strategy in


Visit or Call to Schedule an Informational Appointment

Therapy/Support Groups

Survivors of Sexual Assault (SOSA) Group


Check back in Fall 2020!

This group was created to provide a healing and safe environment for survivors of sexual assault to
learn about sexual trauma and connect with other survivors. Group members will have opportunities to
learn information, share experiences, process thoughts and feelings, and learn skills to cope in their
healing journey.

Tabletop Thursdays

Check back in  Fall 2020!

Want to play games but can’t find a group of people to play with? Come to this workshop! We will be playing a variety of tabletop and possibly video games (individual, team, or co-op) together with the hope that it can serve as a stress reliever and opportunity to connect with other gamers.

Personal Exploration Group

Check back in Fall 2020!

General process group. Open to all ages and genders for clients interested in having deeper, more meaningful interpersonal relationships and gaining feedback on how one is perceived by others.

Dungeons & Dragons

Check back in Fall 2020!

This group will provide a space to connect with others and learn more about yourself through gaming and
teamwork! Members will figure out how they can use the skills that they use to play D&D, in their every day

Project Self

Check back in Fall 2020!

Project Self is a closed psycho-educational group focused on increasing self-confidence, self-esteem, assertive communication, setting appropriate boundaries, and placing your needs first. This is a 6-week group with an option 7-week termination session. This group will give you the tools to make positive changes, communicate assertively, and use stress constructively. Some topics covered include the self-acceptance, cognitive triad, values, family rules, cognitive distortions, assertiveness, and negative self-talk with an emphasis on how to put discussions into practice