Group Counseling and Workshops

CTS offers both weekly workshops and by-appointment groups. If a workshop is indicated as a zoom drop-in workshop, students can attend virtual workshops sessions weekly or on an as-needed basis without an appointment. If a group is indicated as a group in which a screening appointment is needed, an individual must schedule a screening prior to attending the group to determine if the group will be able to meet their needs. By-appointment groups require a weekly commitment.

  • Please see our workshop list to determine if any workshops would fit you. If a virtual Zoom workshop feels appropriate, feel free to connect via Zoom a few minutes prior to the start of the workshop; if you are experiencing suicidal ideation, please call CTS at 940-565-2741. 

  • For those signed up for closed groups, you will be contacted by your group leader concerning scheduling.

Thank you for your interest in the Counseling & Testing Workshops! Please be sure to read the acknowledgments before clicking on the link.

Workshop Acknowledgements:

  • I am available to attend this workshop session or series at the designated time.
  • I have access to a private space from which to participate in the workshop as well as the necessary technology (e.g., reliable internet access, computer with webcam and speakers).
  • I understand that this is not a therapy group, and I am not becoming a CTS client by attending.
  • I understand that I will not have any mental health records or diagnoses by attending this workshop.
  • I can contact CTS at 940-565-2741 or email if I need services or help with a crisis situation.

Once you click the link below and sign in with your EUID and password, select the workshop that you would like to attend. (In order for you to have a successful Workshop experience, please disable popup blockers on your browser)


Drop-In Workshops (Click here to access groups)


A Starting Point for Trauma Recovery


Mondays 1-2PM

Start date: September 12th

The goal of the workshop is to provide a safe space, particularly for those who are not yet ready for focused trauma work in either an individual or group setting, to understand the impact of trauma on general functioning using an educational and/or informational approach.

Video- Click the video to learn more about the group!

Art Therapy Open Studio


Tuesdays & Fridays


In Chestnut Hall 313

Start date: September 6th

Art Therapy Open Studio is a safe space to explore and express feelings, manage stress and anxiety, and explore a variety new art materials.  Art Therapy Open Studio can facilitate expression, relaxation, stress management or can be just for fun.  Focusing on the process of art making, as opposed to the end product is encouraged to challenge perfectionistic tendencies and practice mindfulness.  Supplies provided or students can bring what they are working on. 

See for more information about Art Therapy.

Students who would benefit from learning new coping skills and/or having a space to gain support and practice their social skills. No experience necessary- just an interest in creative expression! Any skill levels welcome.

Let's Talk


Wednesdays 1:30-3:30PM

In Rotating Residence Halls

Start date: August 31st

An open space for students to drop-in to learn more about the services that Housing Counselors and CTS provide students on campus, including information on therapy groups, workshops, outreach events, and campus activities involvement.

R.A. Chats


Thursdays 2-4PM

In Maple Hall B138

Start date: September 1st

An open space specifically for Resident Assistants to drop-in individually or in groups for consultation regarding specific pressure, stressors, and nature of the R.A. position in a confidential space.

International Student Support Circle


Wednesdays (monthly) 12:30-1:30PM

Taking place in two locations:

Marquis Hall 107 on September 7th, October 5th, & November 2nd

Discovery Park (Location TBD) on September 21st, October 19th, & November 16th

UNT Counseling & Testing Services and International Affairs have teamed up to provide a safe space for International Students to meet each other, share experiences, and engage in thoughtful discussion. Meeting topics include, but not limited to, adjusting to life in the U.S., language anxiety, homesickness and culture shock, managing stress and expectations back home building relationships with professors, establishing friendships with peers, and self-care.

Please note: Meetings at Marquis Hall is open to all International Students. Meetings at Discovery Park will be primarily for International Graduate Students, but Undergraduates are welcome if they are not available for the other times.

Coping Skills


Mondays 3-4PM

Start date: September 12th

How do we make it through difficult situations, emotions, and relationships? There are actually skills we can learn to help us cope, manage, and thrive through life’s challenges. In this group, we will learn and practice skills in the following areas: Mindfulness and relaxation, assertive communication, emotional awareness and identification, tolerating pain and distress, and healthy relationships.

Let's Talk - Multicultural Center


Thursdays 11AM-12PM

In the Multicultural Center (University Union 335)

Start date: September 22nd

An open space for BIPOC students to drop in to learn more about the services that the Program for Counseling Diverse Students and CTS provide to students on campus, including information on therapy groups, workshops, outreach events, and campus activities involvement.

Counselor Consultation Hour


Thursdays (biweekly) 11AM-12PM in the Faculty Lounge (University Union 224)


Wednesdays (weekly) 3-4PM

Start date: September 1st

Counseling & Testing Services is offering a drop-in hour at the Faculty Lounge for Faculty and Staff to ask questions or consult with a counselor regarding a specific concern or regarding any of the following topics: Personal mental health and available resources, student mental health and available resources, assisting students in distress, warning signs to be aware of, burnout prevention, & suicide prevention.

Please note: This is for Faculty & Staff only.

Let's Talk: Resident Halls


Thursdays 2-3PM at Honors Hall 131

Fridays 10-11AM at Victory Hall C112


Start date: September 15th

An open space for male BIPOC students to drop in learn more about the services that Program for Counseling Diverse Students and CTS provide to students on campus, including information on therapy groups, workshops, outreach events, and campus activities involvement.

Closed Therapy/Support Groups (Screening Appointment Required)


Project Self


Wednesdays 11AM-12PM

Start date: September 28th

Project Self is a closed psycho-educational group focused on increasing self- confidence, self-esteem, assertive communication, setting appropriate boundaries, and placing your needs first. This is a 6-week group with an option 7-week termination session. This group will give you the tools to make positive changes, communicate assertively, and use stress constructively. Some topics covered include the self-acceptance, the cognitive triad, values, cognitive distortions, assertiveness, and negative self-talk with an emphasis on how to put discussions into practice.

Survivors of Sexual Assault (SOSA) Support Group


Fridays 1-2:30PM

Start date: September 23rd

SOSA is a closed process/support group focused on understanding the impact of sexual assault, provide coping tools, support and a safe venue for processing the client’s personal healing journey. The group will be formatted as a 10-week group focused on processing and support. Some topics of the group may include: Myths of sexual assault, effects of sexual assault, physical, emotional, and cognitive coping, relationships, healing, change, legacy, self-compassion, forgiveness, and hope. Members of this group will have experienced sexual trauma but will not be asked to disclose details of their trauma to the group. Members will however be asked to talk about their personal healing journey, process emotional reactions, reveal effects of the assault, as well as discuss coping strategies and obstacles to change. Members will be asked to participate in activities, learning coping skills, practicing coping or homework activities outside of group which may include creative activities, writing statements describing the effects of their trauma, cognitive behavioral exercises, mindfulness exercises, and journaling.



Wednesdays 3:30-4:30PM

Start date: October 5th

QTBIPOC Group is a dedicated, confidential space for queer, questioning and trans people of color to encourage and uplift each other through community, authentic dialogue, and compassionate listening. This is a space to discuss challenges, find support, make connections and heal through intersecting identities. Group topics may include the experiences at the intersection, the influence of cultural background and ethnic identity, self-acceptance, coming out to self & others, dating, spirituality, campus-climate, racism, colorism, family relationships, and everything in-between! This group is intentional space for QTBIPOC students. Allies thank you for your support and respect for the need of this dedicated space.