CTS appreciates and values the collaboration between our department and others, and strive to understand the needs of other campus offices so we may best help students who utilize these other offices.  Many of our staff act as liaisons to other offices on campus, and make an effort to tailor programming specifically to these offices and gives support to the offices and students as needed.  This collaboration allows for quickness and ease of programming to occur when the offices and students would benefit.

  • Athletics – Dr. Jay Darr
  • Career Services – Laura Nutt, M.Ed., LPC-S
  • Greek Life (Men’s Fraternities) – Dr. Jay Darr
  • Greek Life (Women’s Fraternities and Sororities) – Dr. Steffanie Grossman
  • International Student Services – Dr. Bethany Evans
  • Learning Center – Laura Nutt, M.Ed., LPC-S
  • Multicultural Center – Dr. Enedelia Sauceda
  • Pride Alliance – Dr. Enedelia Sauceda
  • Student Health and Wellness Center – Dr. Pamela Flint
  • Veteran Student Services – Dr. Shelley Long