The Mind Spa is a self-help room at CTS that promotes anxiety management skills, mood management skills, and self-care. It is available for use during CTS office hours.
It has four stations that are available to be reserved by the UNT community for 30 minutes at a time:  

  1. Two biofeedback computers, which allows you to learn to control your heartrate through breathing (and, therefore, have a greater ability to relax yourself and decrease anxiety or pain)
  2. One meditation/relaxation area
  3. one relaxation/massage chair

To reserve one of these four stations, students and/or staff may call or walk in to ask for availability.  One must leave an ID at the front desk before entering into the mind spa. It is also possible to reserve space in advance for 30 minutes at a time.  If the space is not being used or reserved by another user, one may extend the use of their reservation by informing the front desk.

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