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Teacher certification

The TeXES Computer exams costs $131, and applicants must register themselves prior to testing. (An authorization code is required, and our available spots typically fill up about 1 month in advance due to high demand.)  The TeXES is administered Tuesday – Saturday, and if you need to cancel your appointment, you must do so at least 72 hours prior to your scheduled exam, which costs $32.

Examinees must present a valid driver’s license or passport in order to be admitted.  Scores are not given out on test day, but will be available within a week after testing - often within just a few days.  (Results are sometimes sent automatically via email, but examinees can manually view them by logging into your account on the official TeXES webpage.)

If an examinee fails the TeXES computer based test, they must wait 45 days before attempting the same exam on computer, though it may be possible to attempt the paper based version of a failed exam at another center.   (Call the TeXES hotline for more information.)         

  • The TeXES/ExCET website contains detailed exam polices and registration instructions: www.texes.ets.org
  • If you have difficulty registering online or just speak with someone about TeXES policies, call the national hotline: (866) 902-5922
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Computer Based GRE General Revised Test (Graduate Records Exam) 

Often required for admittance into graduate programs, the GRE costs $205, and is administered Tuesday – Saturday. As with all our ETS tests, GRE examinees are required to arrive a half hour prior to their test start time. The test is about 4.5 hours in length. Examinees must present a valid driver’s license or passport in order to be admitted. GRE testers will be able to see unofficial scores for the Verbal and Quantitative section upon completion of their exam, but will have to wait up to 3 weeks before the official copy (which includes the score for Analytical Writing) is sent to schools as well as the home address provided during registration. There is no way to expedite this process, so take that into account when scheduling your appointment. Examinees can re-attempt the GRE once every 21 days up to 5 times per year. Calculators are not allowed, but the test will use a built in digital calculator.

Free GRE preparatory Windows PC software called Power Prep II is available to download at the official GRE website, but students can also get more in-depth help studying for the exam from a wide variety of books available at libraries and book stores for about $20-$30. Furthermore, many companies (like Princeton Review) will tutor you for a fee, though this option is generally more expensive and time consuming.  Another, less expensive preparation option is to take a Mini-Course from UNT’s http://www.ed2go.com/unt/ed2go website.  Courses are by appointment only and cost about $100 per section (Math/Verbal).

Many examinees confuse the GRE General with the Paper Based GRE Subject, which is required by fewer programs and administered on paper only a few times a year. Check with schools to see which version of the GRE you are required to take.

  • To register prospective examinees can: 
  • For Test Center information:
    • Call our test center: 940 369 7617. 

Please click on the following link clep.collegeboard.org/exam-day-info for important identification requirements and “how to register” before you can test.

Earn college credit to save time and money

Our CLEP facility at UNT is open to any student from any high school or university. Standard CLEPs are offered every Tuesday – Saturday between 8AM and 2PM, excluding major holidays. The typical exam is an hour and a half, so testers should expect to be here a total of 2 hours.  Please call during normal business hours and speak to our staff to confirm seating availability and reserve your testing appointment.

Starting 9/1/2017, the UNT adminstration fee will increase to $30. Most CLEPs cost a total of $115. In addition to paying UNT a $30 adminstration free along with a $3.50 convienience fee on the day of the test, starting in 2014, examinees are now required to create and account with CLEP and make an additional $85 credit card payment to CLEP directly via their website prior to coming in to take the CLEP exam at UNT. Please visit collegeboard.org/register/exam and follow the instructions to register. Once registered, you will receive a payment receipt that includes a voucher number. You must bring this registration receipt with you in order to test. Do not register unless you intend on testing within the next few weeks as the registration may expire in accordance with CLEPs policies. For more information on these policies, please refer to the official CLEP website.

To schedule an appointment with UNT's Testing Services, please click HERE.

In order to take a CLEP at UNT, on test day you must bring the following:

  • A valid ID (state ID, driver’s license, military ID, or passport)*
  • An acceptable secondary ID*
  • The CLEP payment receipt with your voucher number generated after registering at the official CLEP website

*Click here to see a list of acceptable primary and secondary IDs on the CLEP website

Click here to see a list of CLEPS that UNT currently accepts

Click here to see CLEP scores equivalencies for UNT

We are not responsible for deciding if the CLEP applies to your degree plan. That is between you and your university. While UNT administers all CLEP exams, whether or not an examinee can receive credit for the CLEP depends entirely on their university, academic history and degree plan. Therefore, students should always speak with their advisor and verify the efficacy of taking any CLEP exam prior to testing at our center, as we are unable to recommend or advise students as to whether or not they qualify for particular CLEP exams. Furthermore, when students come to our center, we need to know the name of the CLEP exam, not the name of the class the student hopes to receive credit for. For a complete list of CLEP names, please visit the official test website. Official CLEP Study Guides are available for the various tests in many book stores.

Some English CLEPS will require both a computer based and a paper based component. (CLEPs that may require an additional $10 essay booklet include American Literature, Analyzing and Interpreting Literature, College Composition – Modular, and English Literature.) Students must check with their university to see if the additional paper based portion is needed. UNT does not accept any English CLEPs.

These extended writing exams are twice as long (3 hours total) as standard CLEPs, and must be started no later than 1PM, Tuesday - Thursday. Furthermore, CLEP exams that require a paper based booklet will costs an additional $10 cash. Occasionally we run out of essay booklets and have to order more, so students wishing to take an English CLEP with an optional paper-based essay portion must always call prior to visiting our center in order to determine if we have the required booklet in stock, determine pricing, and ensure an appropriate arrival time.

For more information about the CLEP:

  • Call our center: (940) 369-7617
  • Call the CLEP hotline: (866) 257-9558

Visit collegeboard.com

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Demonstrate English fluency

All TOEFL iBT tests are by appointment only. In order to schedule the TOEFL iBT test either register at the TOEFL website or call the ETS registration phone number at least one month in advance of your desired test date. The test is very popular and seating is extremely limited.

The TOEFL iBT is given some Fridays and Saturdays at 8:00am almost every month. To learn which days are available, call us, visit our center, call the TOEFL registration hotline, or go to the TOEFL website. All testers will need to arrive at 7:30am for their 8:00am appointments. TOEFL iBT testers must bring their passport in order to take the test. Driver’s licenses or student IDs are not acceptable.

If you register at least one week before your desired test date, the TOEFL iBT costs $195. However, if you register within 7 full days of the testing date, you will pay an extra $40, for a total of $235. Unfortunately, you will not be able to register for a TOEFL iBT test within 72 hours of the test appointment. For example, if you wanted to test on the 10th of March at 8:00am, you would pay $170 if you registered by 8:00am on March 3rd, and $205 if you registered between March 4th and March 7th. After the 8:00am on the 7th of March, you would no longer be able to register for the 10th of March. If you follow our suggestion and register for the TOEFL iBT one month early, availability, late registration fees, and registration deadlines will not be problematic. We will not register you over the phone, but if you have problems registering yourself online or using the TOEFL registration phone number we will help you make an appointment online using one of our computers if you stop by our center during normal business hours.

If you need to change your testing appointment, you must reschedule at least 5 full days before your TOEFL iBT, and rescheduling costs an extra $60. To reschedule, log into your account at the TOEFL website, or call the ETS TOEFL phone number. To prepare for the TOEFL iBT, ETS has a variety of preparation materials available on their website.

To find out available testing dates, register, or learn more about the TOEFL iBT:

  • Visit the TOEFL iBT website: ets.org/toefl/ibt
  • Call the ETS TOEFL phone number: (877) 863-3546

If you have any further TOEFL questions, please call our center at (940) 369-7617

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Proctored Computer/Paper Exams

Starting 9/1/2017, the UNT adminstration fee will increase to $30, plus a $3.50 convincience fee.

Take an exam from another university 

UNT administers proctored computer based exams for other universities, and charges a fee per test, for which students will receive a receipt in the event that they require reimbursement from their learning institution. All testers are also required to bring a valid state ID or passport, but paper and pencils will be provided. Distance learning is administered Tuesday through Friday, excluding holidays.  Please find out the format of the exam (paper or computer) as well as the exam length as allowed by your professor or school prior to making any appointments. Testers are required to contact us by phone at (940) 369 - 7617 Tuesday - Saturday between 8am and 5pm at least one week prior to their desired testing date in order to schedule their appointment, and should do so prior to contacting their university regarding their desire to test with us. 

Paper-based tests: $30 per test, plus a $3.50 convinience fee.

While paper-based tests are often transmitted electronically, some schools still send tests physically by either US Mail or courier services like UPS or Fed Ex.  It is important for prospective examinees to know which method their school will use in order to provide their schools with the correct address or email information.  Once you determine which delivery method your school utilizes (email, US Postal Services or courier mail), please contact us at (940) 369-7617 Tuesday through Saturday at least one week prior to your desired test date to reserve your testing appointment and ensure that any physical materials that must be mailed are sent to the correct address, or in the event that the test will be emailed, that it is sent to the correct staff members.  Please do not have exams sent to us prior to making an appointment with our center to ensure you provide your school with correct information as well as to allow ample delivery time for any test materials .  Simply giving them our building address is not sufficient, so please talk with our testing center staff first.  In addition to the $30 testing fee charged by our center, examinees may be responsible for additional shipping fees required by their school for the delivery and return of physical materials.

To schedule an appointment with UNT's Testing Services, please click HERE. 

Computer-based tests: $30 per test, plus a $3.50 convinience fee. 

Most computer based distance learning exams are simple browser-based test that are easily administered via WebCT or Blackboard. However, some universities require software and hardware to be installed in order to administer exams. Due to university computer policies, on occasion some technical requirements cannot be met. Please determine any technical requirements for your test (e.g. browser plug-ins) before making your appointment so that we may verify whether or not the requirements are permissible.

Texas Success Initiative Exam

Starting 9/1/2017, the UNT adminstration fee will increase to: 1 section = $30, 2 sections = $35, 3 sections = $40, plus a $3.50 convinience fee.

The TSI Assessment is given at two locations on UNT’s campus; here in the Gateway Center room 140. The Gateway Center offers the TSI to prospective students of any university and charges per section (1 section = $30, 2 sections = $35, 3 sections = $40) cash fee payable on the day of the exam. You must schedule an appointment in order to take the TSI at either location.

The TSI Assessment is given Tuesdays – Saturdays at the Gateway Center. All prospective TSI examinees must take a Pre-Assessment Activity (PAA) test prior to taking the TSI Assessment at UNT and can be completed at home or on any personal computer with an internet connection. The UNT PAA can be completed online at this website, though some schools offer their own version of the PAA which will also be accepted. To make an appointment with the UNT's Testing Services, please click HERE.

You will need to schedule an appointment in order to take the TSI at the Gateway Center, and students are required to bring a valid photo ID (driver’s license, passport or student ID,) cash payment, and their student ID number for the school to which the scores will be given.

Students must also present the confirmation of having completed the PAA.  This proof can be in the form of a printout, or a student may show test administrators proof via a smartphone or other mobile device. Students unable to produce proof of having completed the PAA will be required to come back upon completing the pre-assessment.

The fees reflect the combination of sections students require. In order to determine which sections are needed, please refer to this website, which applies to all prospective TSI examinees regardless of their academic affiliation. We are not able to access SAT, ACT or TAKS scores, so students must determine which sections they require prior to arriving at our testing center. For more information on the number of sections required, contact the Learning Center at (940)-369-7006.

The TSI is offered beginning at 8am Tuesday-Friday. Students needing one TSI section will need to schedule an appointment between 8am- 2pm, students needing to take 2 TSI sections must schedule an appointment between 8am - 12pm, and students requiring all three sections must schedule an appointment between 8am - 10am. Please determine which sections you require prior to calling us and scheduling an appointment.

It is the responsibility of any non-UNT student to familiarize themselves with their university’s policies prior to arriving to test. We typically provide TSI scores for non-UNT students in a sealed envelope, but should a school require scores to be faxed or emailed, the student needs to bring that information with them on test day.

Once UNT students have completed their TSI, they should contact the Learning Center in order to determine how their TSI results will affect their degree plan at (940) 369-7006 or Academic.Readiness@unt.edu.

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Praxis Core Exams 

Required for entrance to many teacher education programs

All prospective Praxis examinees including UNT examinees testing in order to fulfill requirements for the Department of Education must determine which of the four Praxis Core exams they need by consulting their departmental advisors. The four options consist of Math, Reading and Writing individually, or one exam that combines all three sections together.  You may also register for two individual Core tests at a discount if they are both registered for at the same time (see Praxis website for details.)  Future UNT Education students can call an advisor 940-565-2736 to determine which combination of Praxis Core exams are needed.

  • Praxis Core: Academic Skills for Educators: Mathematics - 5732  (2 hours, $90)
  • Praxis Core: Academic Skills for Educators: Reading - 5712 (2 hours, $90)
  • Praxis Core: Academic Skills for Educators: Writing - 5722 (2 hours, $90)
  • Praxis Core: Academic Skills for Educators: Combined - 5751 (5 hours, $150)

For more details about the differences between Core exams, click here.

All Praxis examinees, including UNT students, must register either online at the official Praxis registration website or by calling the official Praxis hotline (800-772-9476). You must register and pay for your Praxis test in advance, and are required to bring a valid driver’s license or passport on test day.

Praxis II Exams 

Subect-specific tests for those who have completed their teacher education and seek licensure

There are a wide variety of Praxis II exams which specialize in over 120 aspects of teaching.  Visit the Praxis website to see the list of state-specific licensing requirements.  Praxis II examinees must register either online at the official Praxis registration website or by calling the official Praxis hotline (800-772-9476.) You must register and pay for your Praxis test in advance, and are required to bring a valid driver’s license or passport on test day.

  • Visit the Praxis website: ets.org/praxis
  • Call the Praxis hotline: (800) 772-9476